Vision of Love – 4Men (MV)

Ok so, you don’t actually see 4Men in the video, but I am posting this because the video screams Lee Byung Hun.

This is the video of 4Men‘s single Vision pf Love.

I swear I need to see more of them in the Korean music shows. I mean they have one of the best voices in Korea (for a music group) and I love their music very much. They have released really good ballads and I think they deserve more recognition than Korean is giving them now.

Anyway, another reason for posting this video, is because I think this is Lee Byung Hun‘s new Korean movie. And the plus side is Bae Subin (from Shining Inheritance /Brilliant Legacy and 49 Days) is going to star in the movie. From what I gather, it will revolve around 2 friends having the same affection for the girl. Common plot.. maybe but it involves car racing and stuff so I think it would be nice.. kk And Lee Byung Hun, though he is not one of the most handsome Korean actors, but he can act! And I mean really act. I love how he can change characters depending on the movie or drama. Ohh and I just can’t wait for the new G.I Joe movie!!

Really anticipating this new movie.. 🙂

**credits: AsianDream2013@yt


Be Mine (Dance Version) – Infinite

So this song has been released (and promoted) by Infinite for a few weeks now, but I am more excited to see the dance version!

This is the video of the dance version of Be Mine (내꺼하자).

Why the dance version? Actually I was hoping for one and so I delayed posting it. To me Infinite is one of the best Kpop boy groups who can perform a new, fresh, well choreographed and well coordinated dance routine. They are one of those boy bands who look very fluid, charismatic and graceful when they dance. I have seen their performance in several music shows already and have been wanting to see a dance MV version. I’m happy that Woolim Entertainment made one!!

I absolutely love the fact that this boy group is always doing something new and fresh, and not something too cutesy. So far they only did it with She’s Back. But I think this concept looks and feels right with them — they don’t look too young and not to mature either.The sound also reminds of late 80’s and early 90’s songs i used to listen to (think New Wave). New Wave music sounds good to me, so I immediately liked the tune of the song. And it gets to your head especially the “Haja” and “Oh” parts. And did I tell you I love their dance. An Infinite song is not complete without the dance sequence that usually works like Bridge in the song (only its instrumental). They have it in Come Back Again and Before the Dawn. I love how they incorporate a little of Bboy style to it.. Kya.. I’m actually almost always anticipating that part during live broadcasts.

I am definitely looking forward to more of their music — and of course their dance!

Oh and if you want to see the other video’s version, click on this.

**credits: wooliment@yt