By My Side – David Choi

OMG I just realized how long it was since I last checked youtube for videos. And to my surprise Wong Fu Productions are back with WFW (Wong Fu Weekends) and David Choi has a new music video!!!

David Choi ( is one of my favorite youtube personalities! I love love his voice and his songs! For those who don’t know him, he is a Korean American (notice the last name) who was discovered on yt because of his talent. He usually does collaborations with Wong Fu (Phil, Wes and Ted) and Kevjumba.

He released a new video last July 7, and because I haven’t checked youtube so much I just found out now, so this is somewhat a delay post. The song is called By My Side.

I love the way his voice fits the melody of the song. It’s very romantic (sorry for sounding so cheesy). The video’s concepts is great to as always! I just love watching his music videos because there is always something new. This time, the story is about a girl who is being serenaded by a boy. To capture her heart, he sends her white balloons. Then she gives him the key and let’s him in. I mean its a usual love story but I love that fact that all this is shot in a warehouse with a scaffolding compared to doing in in a castle or in a nice house. I love how they just used very simple concepts but as a whole turned it to a video that was great to see and was very pleasing to the eye. Everything is in white so i guess it could be interpreted as pure love. Sounds cheesy but to a hopeless romantic like me, I love it! The video was of course directed by Wong Fu Productions.

To find out more about the making of the video, check this:

David Choi actually came to Manila, I wish I could have been there but I was on vacation. And when he was supposed to go to Singapore, I did not catch him there because the day of my arrival was the day he flew to Manila, sigh.. oh well some day soon! I really want to see him perform.

**credits: wongfuproduction@yt


Song Joong Ki was In Cebu!

Can I break down and cry now?? He was here and then I missed him! Kk oh well at least we were in the same country and province for a time..

He was actually in Cebu (Philippines) for a photo shoot for a spread on Vogue Girl. He stayed in Imperial Palace Water Park Resort. That resort is, if I am not mistaken is owned by a Korean. A lot of my students flock to that resort for a weekend get away so I sure he was ok there. (It’s good and affordable by the way). And I’m sure he was relaxed that time because it was reported that “he was seen taking an afternoon nap, chilling in the pool, and reading a book under a cooling shade”. I so envy the people working in Imperial right now!

Here are 2 photos, but the spread will be available i think next month.

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