Ugly – 2NE1

It’s not really my favorite 2NE1 song, but they have a new song out.

It’s called Ugly.

I love the girls, but I think I am not a fan of this song — well at least not too much. Sorry Blackjacks, but I don’t like the meaning of the song. To me the song is a self-pity themed one, very different from their old songs. I mean, 2NE1 songs are supposed to be screaming girl power, but a song saying “I think, I’m ugly… I wanna be pretty just like her” is not really giving empowerment to a girl. It’s just quite opposite from the 2NE1 concept that I have. The song I think is about a pathetic girl wanting to be pretty. Could they make a song like I Don’t Care??

But what I do love about this song is that they had the whole chorus in English! Wohoo!! Another first from them. Though some of the words are too much accented that I had to listen to it a few times before I can get some of the words.

About the video, again with the explosives! I would have understood it the song was screaming empower me. Like Hate You or I am the Best. But the lyrics and the video don’t really match. There was a sign there saying Ugly Girls not allowed, and then they go breaking things, breaking chains on the gate which to me could be interpreted as “I’m Ugly, so what??”. But on the other hand the song says “I think I’m Ugly… I wanna be pretty just like her”. They don’t go together! But maybe the message they want to say in the video is that it’s not good to be fake (Plastic zone anyone?). Just this is NOT the right song!! (Don’t lash me, if you don’t understand Korean, look for the translation of the song, and you’ll know why it’s not my favorite 2NE1 song)

But what I do like about the video is their use of neon glow in the dark paint! How cool can that be!

Wish they had a better song though. But this song wouldn’t stop me from being their fan. I Am the Best and I Don’t Care are still my 2 favorite 2NE1 songs.

Again these are just my opinions.. ^_^

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Little Dancer (リトルダンサー) – Speed

Yay! Speed is back!

I don’t really post Japanese songs these days.. but boy am I glad to see a new video from Speed. It’s called Little Dancer リトルダンサー.

I was supposedly going to post a song from Perfume, but I think I have to post this. I am not sure if this is a new single, but the video was just uploaded today.

Who is Speed? They are a Jpop dance group who have been in the industry for maybe almost 10 years (or maybe more). I actually didn’t know about them before, I was a Perfume fan. But a friend introduced me to them, and I’ve been listening to their songs ever since — even the old ones.

The Japanese music industries, like Korea also has a lot of girl groups and boy bands. And most often than not, the girls and boys start out really young. And the thing I love about Speed is that they regrouped and they are still able to make their songs popular even after a lot of younger groups are being introduced. That’s what I love about the Japanese industry, because their boy bands and girl groups lasts for a long time — like SMAP or Arashi.

Anyway, I can’t wait for more of their songs. I know someone is gonna be so excited to see this video! kk

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Asian Food: Jjajangmyeon

I am a fan of Asian cuisine. I love it more than I do European or American. I absolutely love the flavors. Because of this, I’ve decided to add something like an introduction of Asian food on my blog. I know a lot of people have it in their blogs, but I want to share also what I think about a kind of food. Thus, it will start with the first post… Jjajangmyeon.

Like my penchant for anything Korean, I also like Korean food. Actually, the first time I tried it, I was not too keen on trying it again. But the more I ate Korean, the more I liked it. And yes, I am now a convert. I buy kimchi whenever I can and I always have gim (dried laver) stock at home if I suddenly have the urge to eat. Gim is always good with hot rice!!

So for the first post, I am sharing about one of my favorite Korean dishes, the Jjajangmyeon.

What is it?

The Jjajangmyeon  짜장면 (spelled also as Jajangmyeon자장면) is noddles with black sauce. It is a Chinese Korean dish made of wheat noodles topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste). It is said to have been invented in the city of Incheon in a restaurant called Gonghwachun (공화춘). According to Lonely Planet, the restaurant is still there and it’s one of the places to visit to when you do a Chinatown walking tour in Incheon.

Some people might be scared with the appearance because of the black sauce. But i tell you it’s delicious, though it’s not for those who don’t like salty food (sometimes it’s salty because of the chujang). Most Korean food are spicy and hot, but Jjajangmyeon isn’t so it’s safe to eat.  It is sometimes cooked with vegetables and a little meat and then served with yellow colored pickled radishes (another one of my favorites).

The Jjajangmyeon is a very popular dish in Korea. I think you would recognize it if you saw the drama Coffee Prince. Who would ever forget the  eating contest scene??

An interesting thing in Korea is that there is something called Black Day, it’s held every April 14. All the single ladies, put your hand up because this is the die when single Korean ladies eat Jjajangmyeon, or any dish that has Jjajang (the black sauce).

How to Make Jjajangmyeon?

I really suck at cooking so I can’t make an instruction video. But hallelujah for youtube because there are a lot of people posting up instructional videos.

This is the best how to make jjajangmyeon video I’ve seen. She makes it look simple and her English is clear.

Good luck to making your own Jjajangmyeon! ㅋㅋㅋ

The Jjapageti  짜파게티

For people who can’t cook like me, there is always an alternative. And Korea, they have instant Jjajangmyeon, the Jjapageti.

It comes in two packs, the one you see above and in cup noodle form.

Usually the one in the cup noodle is prepared like cooking the noddles in hot water and then draining it leaving only a little water so a sauce base can be made and then mixing it all together.

But a Korean friend taught me a better and more delicious way to prepare it using the microwave. Open the lid, add the flavoring, put hot water (maybe half , just enough water to cook the noodles), then pop it to the microwave for 4-5 minutes. It’s really better than the old way of cooking jjapageti!

So that’s the Jjajangmyeon. If you have tried it but you think it’s too salty, try to visit another Korean restaurant. I have tried lots here in my place before I finally found one that suited my taste perfectly. 🙂

Hope this little introduction helps. ^_^

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Siwon’s Teaser Photo..

I’m switching to my fan girl mode because they released the teaser of Siwon for the new Super Junior album. Finally!!!

Two words: CHOCOLATE ABS!! kk

Well that’s to me.. I thought his photo would be released last as he may be in mourning because his grandma died over the weekend. But it is work…

But then again I am a fan.. and I now have a reason to be fan-girling! kk I can’t wait for August 2!

According to the article in allkpop, the title track for the groups 5th album is Mr. Simple. I can’t wait to hear it! OMG I’m at it again…

I think ELFs all over the world are as excited as I am.. why is August 2 too long! kk

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Naoko Tsuruta’s Kimono Chic

I don’t know why, but suddenly these days I am having a penchant for talking about and researching fashion. I guess a presentation my student gave me about Korean fashion made me suddenly interested in it.

Now as I was browsing through an old magazine (I say old even though it was just a magazine last year), I saw a collection that really caught my eye, because of it’s chic attempt at a very traditional kind of clothing. And I am talking about the dresses of Naoko Tsuruta‘s Kimono Chic fashion.

That’s here beside the model. Look at that design. And look at her dress, a modern take on the kimono! Love!

In her website, it says that she started out as a jewelry designer and eventually made on to designing dresses. I absolutely love the fact that she the traditional kimono — which by the way in reality is a very difficult ensemble to wear — and transformed it into something chic and modern that any girl can wear. I am a big fan of flowy dresses (though I’m not sure if it looks good on me), and her design has really really gotten my applause!

Check out her other clothes:

I could wear her clothes! She doesn’t have a new collection out yet (or so I think). But I am definitely wanting more of her style and will be watching out for more of her designs.

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I Miss My Ear’s Candy!!

I absolutely miss this song!!!

In the recent Music Bank in Tokyo, Taecyon and Baek Jiyoung performed My Ear’s Candy again. I’m saying it again! I absolutely miss this song!

This was around the time Jaebum (Jay Park) decided to leave 2PM and I remember seeing a different Taecyeon then. But seeing him perform it now, I think it’s better.

Who misses this song like I do?? kk

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Hate You – 2NE1

Wow! A fully animated music video from a Kpop idol group!!!! And who made it?? 2NE1!!! Cool!!

This is their new track Hate You.

I so love the innovativeness of these girls. And  I think this is what I really like about YG Entertainment. They really push the limits when it comes to innovation. I love that there is always something new about their videos. And this is one of the best videos perhaps of 2NE1.

It was cool to see the girls be transformed into animated characters. It was directed by graphic artist Mari Kim. I so love Dara’s character! kk And I love the fact that they included several traits of the members. Try to look for the part where Bom was eating corn! I loved that! And the guns here I could forgive.. kk

The song.. well it’s not exactly their best, but it still has that 2NE1 sound that’s very distinctive. I can’t wait to see their performance of the song.


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Another reason to be a fan girl – SUJU’s new album

I now have a reason (and excuse) to be a fan girl again!!! Because Super Junior will be releasing a new album! Hurray!!!! ^_^

For awhile now, they have been posting teaser photos of their concept for their album. I’ve seen some of them but I am waiting for Sungmin and Siwon’s pictures so I can put it up on my blog. And yesterday they released Sungmin‘s teaser photo!!!

OMG!! The fan girl in me is at it again!!!  Finally after one year and 2 months I can be fan girling again. At least there is something to look forward to! Kya..

Their concept is somewhat colorful, like Hoot (SNSD) but in a different way. Anyway I can’t wait for their 5th album! And I can’t wait for Siwon’s teaser pic! 🙂

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I Will Forget You (sung by Park Shin Hye)

I love watching dramas, especially Korean and Japanese ones. And almost always I get addicted to the OST of the drama. Recently I have been watching a drama called You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) in some websites). I wasn’t really interested at it at first, though I wanted to see it because it’s another musical drama. But now I’m hooked to it, especially because of Min Hyuk (CN Blue’s drummer).

Now in the recent episode of the drama, Park Shin Hye sang my favorite CN Blue song (sorry not giving spoilers). Though it has a different feel, but I love the song! So I am sharing her version.

I have posted the lyrics of the song I Will Forget You sometime last year. It still is until now my favorite CN Blue song. For those who are not familiar, this song is not sung by Yonghwa, but by their other vocalist, Jonghyun. Most people don’t really notice him much because all the attention is on Yonghwa, but he has a good voice too (but in a different way). I found this video, a fancam taken from their showcase last year.

Jonghyun still had that wavy rockstar hair, but I think he looks better with his new hair now.

Anyway, up until recently, I learned that the song actually has an English version from their Japanese album, Thank You. Unknown to most people,  CN Blue had released an album in Japan before they released one in Korea. It has the same melody, but a different feel though, but their English is quite audible.

No matter what the version is of the song, I still love it. Though it’s a sad one, but definitely people should hear this song especially if they’re mending a broken heart.

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By My Side – David Choi

OMG I just realized how long it was since I last checked youtube for videos. And to my surprise Wong Fu Productions are back with WFW (Wong Fu Weekends) and David Choi has a new music video!!!

David Choi ( is one of my favorite youtube personalities! I love love his voice and his songs! For those who don’t know him, he is a Korean American (notice the last name) who was discovered on yt because of his talent. He usually does collaborations with Wong Fu (Phil, Wes and Ted) and Kevjumba.

He released a new video last July 7, and because I haven’t checked youtube so much I just found out now, so this is somewhat a delay post. The song is called By My Side.

I love the way his voice fits the melody of the song. It’s very romantic (sorry for sounding so cheesy). The video’s concepts is great to as always! I just love watching his music videos because there is always something new. This time, the story is about a girl who is being serenaded by a boy. To capture her heart, he sends her white balloons. Then she gives him the key and let’s him in. I mean its a usual love story but I love that fact that all this is shot in a warehouse with a scaffolding compared to doing in in a castle or in a nice house. I love how they just used very simple concepts but as a whole turned it to a video that was great to see and was very pleasing to the eye. Everything is in white so i guess it could be interpreted as pure love. Sounds cheesy but to a hopeless romantic like me, I love it! The video was of course directed by Wong Fu Productions.

To find out more about the making of the video, check this:

David Choi actually came to Manila, I wish I could have been there but I was on vacation. And when he was supposed to go to Singapore, I did not catch him there because the day of my arrival was the day he flew to Manila, sigh.. oh well some day soon! I really want to see him perform.

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