Can U Smile – Infinite (Live Performance)

I’m getting a little lazy to post something…

But wanted to share the song because it’s a different Infinite… it’s them just singing, no dance this time… This is their live performance of the song Can U Smile.

I think their making a statement that they are not just a dance group. They prove that they can carry a ballad/acoustic song. I was actually a little shocked when I saw the performance because I know the original of this song has a dance tune. It sounds nice though.

But poor L (am I right??), he’s just carrying the guitar.. so he can’t stand up and do the choreography part… it looks kinda awkward for him to sit alone. Umm I think whoever made the choreography for this performance ought to not leave him alone with his guitar…

Anyways… enjoy!

**credits: SBSMusic1