Junsu’s version of Hyun Bin’s That Man (Geu Namja)

OMG I can’t believe it! This is post 501… I’ve written and posted lots of entries to this blog after 2 years and a half. I know I don’t have too much time to post as much as I did in the first year I started this blog, but I still am hesitant to end and not post anything. I guess it has become a part of me.. But Kamsahamnida, Xie xie, Arigatou, Salamat, Thank you for to all who visited the blog! ^_^

For post 501, I thing its but fitting to make a post which has some connection to how I became addicted to Asian music… because of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Junsu. (i think he is adorable… sigh!) — or should I say JYJ’s Junsu

I bet a lot of people have watched Secret Garden! It was a hit!! And I have to say it was a very unique story… and so maybe that’s why it’s a hit. Who would ever forget Hyun Bin‘s purple track suit!!! And who doesn’t love Gil Ra Im!!!

Also another popular thing we would not forget about Secret Gardens’ soundtrack! Especially the song That Man (Geu Namja). Even Hyun Bin has his own version of the song (the original one was sung by Baek Jiyoung).

Recently, JYJ’s Junsu did a cover of the That Man. And my god do I miss him singin ballads.


As always, his voice is really beautiful. I could not truly explain it! Hyun Bin’s version was also beautiful, but both their voices are very different so I can’t say which I like best. But one thing I do know is that I miss Junsu’s ballad songs! I wish he would sing more ballads especially OSTs I’m pretty sure it would really really sound awesome!

If only……

**credits: fernyj90@yt + as tagged


Author: chipskjaa

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