Lonely – 2NE1 (MV)

OMG!!! I love it!!

2NE1 has been teasing us with the bits of their their new song last week… and early today, they have released their new track Lonely.

Aww.. too bad they won’t be promoting this track! I so love it!

I know I know I’m a little partial toward the girls because I like their songs (well most of them though… I’m too much of a fan with Clap your hands). But I am not kidding and their is no bias involved when I say that this is a good track, because it shows that the girls can make beautiful music even if it’s not of the dance genre. I’m not sure if acoustic music is the recent trend in Korea but it seems the girls have ventured toward those shores.

This track let’s us hear that their voices aren’t just meant for fast hip hop beats but as well as belting some tunes. No wonder Will.i.am that this track would be a hit.. sigh, they should really promote this, but i guess that won’t happen… but please YG entertainment… will it be possible to do it even just one time?? pretty please with sugar and cherry on top? nah.. who am I kidding they’ve already made the announcement.

The only thing that I don’t like about the song is the last note… the one where someone shouted.. “eh-eh..”  I’m not really sure who did that, I’m guessing CL.. I’m not sure if that’s a trademark of 2NE1 songs or something, but I guess it doesn’t really sound right for me. Maybe they could have ended it in a better way.

The video is yet again a unique one! I think that’s the nice thing about the YG videos.. its something unique and something new and fresh. I love how CL looked in this video! So 1960’s in a modern way! something I haven’t seen in Korean videos!

I need more 2NE1… sigh…

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Chu Chu – Spinel (MV)

For the first time in a long time! Now we see girls who are not dancing while singing songs. Instead we see them bringing guitars and playing them!

It’s a new duo and they call themselves Spinel and this is their debut track Chu Chu.

Can you believe these two girls are just middle school students?! OMG! Amazing! They do sound really good. I first saw them perform on one of the music programs and they sound really nice. Their song sounds really bubbly and its good to know that Korean music is branching out to the acoustic genre. I hope there would be more of this kind of sound and more of the girl’s music. They’re starting a trend!

Will be watching out for them!

And I want one of those guitars! kk mine doesn’t look like that! kk

**credits:  TonyKPOPMV@yt


Tonight – Jay Park (MV)

I love the new Jay Park video!!!

Though Abandoned is really great, but I like Tonight 오늘밤 better. It also features Kan Minkyung of Davichi.

I actually thought at first it was a cutesy video. But I loved the video… all the dance moves in the video are definitely…. AWESOME!!!! DAEBAK!!! I love Prepix!!!

I love how Jay Park is making a mark on his videos through the dance sequences. It’s very very different from Kpop videos we see (though sometimes 2PM has dance sequences but it’s not as long and as awesome as this!) I really really really like the way the dance moves are so simple, like it’s something you would do normally, but blended together it makes up an extraordinary choreography. And did I mention how great a dance Jay Park is!!! Love Love Love Love Love this video!!!

So let’s dance dance to the song! (ain’t it addicting!! ^_^)

We need more Bboy dances in the world!! kk

**credits: jaybumaom0425@yt