Beautiful Woman – December (MV)

I saw December perform this song last weekend in one of the Kmusic shows (I couldn’t recall which one though). I was excited to see them have another song. Their new song is called Beautiful Woman (미인).

This song is not the usual December sound, it’s a cross of their old sound and maybe a little of the SG Wannabe sound. It’s a little faster compared to their old ballads. But I like it nonetheless.

Just one thing I don’t like though… what’s up with the video?? Vampires?!?! Don’t we have too much of the vampire themed everything. I know a lot of Koreans love to watch Vampire Diaries. I should know because my students go gaga over it! i watched the first season but the story is too blah… no offense to Vampire Diary fans, it’s just not my thing… But puh-lease not in their MV’s too!! Too much!! Twilight is enough for me thank you very much! It’s just too cliche!

But since everlasting love is the theme for the song… sigh then I guess the story fits..

But enjoy the song though! ^_^

And if you want to sing a long here is another video..

**credits: fufu110 and LoveKpopSubs3@yt

Lee Sora’s Number One (Boa) version

One of my students is addicted to the Korean variety show I Am A Singer (나는 가수다). So when I saw him yesterday, all we talked about was what happened during the May 8. He knows I can relate to Korean music so he always feels comfortable when talking about it.

Among all the performances he described, I was most intrigued about the performance of Lee Sora. She did her own version of Boa‘s Number One.

Every time I hear Lee Sora sing, I always get goosebumps! I automatically associate it with an opera signer singing an Aria! Think Christine from Phantom of the Opera singing Think of Me.

Boa’s Number One an old Kpop song that I like since my early Kpop days. That was about the time Eat You Up was popular. I did a quick search on Boa and voila I found this song.

Now back to I am a singer… Lee Sora did a rock version of the song. Though the song brings out the best in her voice (man she could sing a rock ballad!), I still like her doing the ballad songs. I think I’m not used to her having to sing in this genre. But one thing she proves though, is that she can do a variety of genres.

Oh and in case you were wondering, this is the original Boa version:


Which version do you like?

**credits: iamasinger1234 and  sment@yt