You You – Untouchable ft. Oh Jin Suk (MV)

I’m so glad they’re back!!! Can I just scream!

Untouchable is back with their new track called You You.

It’s very addictive. You will most likely remember them saying You You in the song.  I’m very pleased with their comeback song. The song  sounds like a rock rap song, a little common in Korea. But because of the repeated lyrics, it’s quite memorable. Untouchable is actually one of the Korean hip hop groups that I like (yes, I don’t only like idol groups, kk). Their music is good. I actually first heard about them because of We Got Married, when Hwayobi had a single with them (It’s OK). Since then, I’ve been listening to them.

The video is just a very common one, no story, just 3 guys walking around places in Hong Kong rapping and singing and pointing as if telling the audience You. Yes, it’s in Hong Kong because I can see the HSBC Building and the red taxis! kk Nothing special with the MV, but puh-lease, can someone fix Sleepy’s mustache! kk I don’t like it… but oh well maybe there is a concept behind it, as that it how it is usually when a group releases a song.. kk so they can get away with it! ^_^

oh… and I think I read somewhere that they will be enlisting in the army sometime soon (they will do it together)… so I guess this may be their last single before they enlist.. oh will surely miss them!


**credits: KPOPMV020@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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