My Sassy Guy (My Sassy Girl parody)

Because I’m too excited to learn that Jo In Sung has been discharged from the military, I went on yt to check some old videos. I was planning on including some in my previous post but instead I just made a pic spam.

But from all the videos I saw tonight, this one is post worthy. And Park Kyung Rim is in the video too (yahoo!!). The video is called My Sassy Guy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

Did the title ring a bell?? Of course it should if you’ve watched My Sassy Girl. That’s truly one of my favorite Kmovies (but only third after Millionaire’s First Love and the Classic). For an introduction to Kmovies, always start by watching My Sassy  Girl!! And in the true spirit of making parodies, this is one of the best I’ve seen!

If noticed, the video is kinda old as it is from an old sitcom called Nonstop 2. But the video is ok and there’s the English subs! It’s too funny that I am at a loss of words to describe the video. Better to see it!

Love love love ^_^

**credits: Merteuilx5815@yt


B1A4 on Park Kyung Rim’s radio show

A short B1A4 post (OMG!!! posting much??). I noticed a lot have been visiting the profile post that I made, so I am going to post another article about them!

The boys have recently been on Park Kyung Rim‘s radio show (oh and by the way I absolutely adore her). I think it’s their first radio broadcast if I understood correctly ^_^.


They sing OK! Aigoo… totally crushing on CNU! love the hair… and Sandeul’s voice is awesome really!


**credits: FLIGHTB1A4@yt


Jo In Sung is Back!!!!

I got all excited when I saw this news on allkpop! I mean who wouldn’t be especially if you were a fan who had to wait for 2 years before you see him active again!

Jo In Sung has finally been discharged from the military!!

According to the report, he was discharged from the military at 10 AM today, May 4. And some 400 fans went to the base to see him. Wishing I was there kk!

I backtracked on the posts I did on my blog and indeed I posted something about his entering the military. And now about two years later I am writing that he has been discharged… Maybe two years is not a long time… Time flies..

And now that he is back I couldn’t wait for his next projects! kk I can’t believe I can see his sheepish grin on pictures once again! kk oh how I love that trademark smile.

But for now I’ll just settle for a pic spam~~~ kk ^_^

**credits: as tagged + + (Asianfanatics forum)