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Mr. Taxi – SNSD (少女時代)

I’m really slacking on posting this song! kk I know this came out last week, and I bet a lot of SONES have posted this song on their respective blogs. I’m not really a Sones but I am joining the bandwagon to post this song! kk but don’t kill me.. I like SNSD 少女時代  ^_^

Anyway, this is their PV of their new Japanese single Mr. Taxi.

I posted the Dance version which was uploaded by Universal Music Japan. But if you want to see the longer PV,  click here.

Hmmm… the song is nice, but I think these days, a lot of autotune is being used in most songs, not only for SNSD songs. I have nothing against the girls, but I still think that Gee and Kissing You sound better. Both songs bring out the real voices of the girls. For the video, since this is a dance version, we do get to see them dance. But in the longer one.. there is not much of a difference with the dance version, maybe just the solo parts. But I’m not really liking it. With the girls, I would love to see a video with them doing some acting ala Gee video… so yes, Gee is still my favorite SNSD song! the best!! kk ^_^

But I did enjoy the song ^_^

**credits:  universalmusicjapan and grayfm@yt

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