L.O.V.E Girl – CN Blue

While I was on hiatus from the blog, CN Blue has released their new single Intuition. I know rock will always be my ultimate favorite genre of music (but sigh I don’t get too much of that kind of music with Kpop) , but this song wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe because it sounded like I’m a Loner.

But but but… I am elated that they released this single! It’s called L.O.V.E Girl.

Me likey the song. Why? Because it has the certain CN Blue sound but in a different song. It’s a rock song, but you can dance to it at the same time. But not those girl group dances.. kk.. It’s also a new sound for them because you can hear the drums more. It has hints of a 1960’s  rock song… a little bit like Beatles sound… And boy am I happy when I heard a Jongshin bass guitar solo! He deserves recognition for his talent!

But the video wasn’t really doing for me. Yes, it was nice to see gominam boys (and I have to say all of them looked so fresh in this video). But, how can she not see them!! Girl there’s a man beside your fridge in broad daylight!! Couldn’t you see him?? Ok I might be convinced if she really couldn’t see them all throughout the video, but she did see them at the end.. hmm ok so suddenly she sees them at the end of the video… weird! But anyway this is a music video so anything could happen… so I’d better leave it that way!

But I really recommend this song!! ^_^

**credits: cnblue@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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