Love Song – Big Bang (MV)

I was tempted to post this song the moment it came out. But I had to control my urge to do so.. and though they have made the debut of the song a few weeks ago, its impossible for my blog not to have this!!!

This is Love Song by Big Bang.

I have to say I am impressed with this song. I am truly happy with the song… and this is not a biased opinion. Honestly, and I don’t mean to hurt all the VIPs out there, I was getting a little bored with all the same sounding Big Bang songs. It was like I know how the it sounded, I can predict how it will sounded. Thus I wasn’t really keen on listening to the next song they had.

But I am truly amazed and I bow down to this new song. Yes it’s very different from the usual hip hop ones they had and yes I like it very much because of that. This song proves that Big Bang can reinvent themselves and not be stuck with the same boring concept I know see evident on most idol groups.

I also like the way they did the video. Thank you god for whoever thought of this video concept! Well yes it’s not like the ones you commonly see. There is no one being cute or doing aegyo in the video. There wasn’t any love interest. It’s just them walking and making you feel the song. By golly, I think they would be the first idol group to shoot something like this! And boy am I glad (ok cue the pom poms!! yay!!)

I sure do hope people will appreciate this change like I do. I sure hope the idol world will not be dominated with the same sound we are so very familiar of.. Though being in a bandwagon is nice, but sometimes a little variety is better. ^_^

Big Bang is really revolutionizing the Kpop industry!

oh and don’t you think Taeyang looks hot in this pic… ok ok i’ll stop 😛

**credits: BIGBANG@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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