Nothing’s Over – Infinite (MV)

Umm well, I’m not sure why I am posting this but I guess I like Infinite.. but I have to say this is not their best MV…

It’s their new track, Nothing’s Over.

Actually, the song is ok. It’s the video that I am not satisfied with! I was expecting a powerful dance like they always do. But in this video, yes they did have a dance, but it’s not what I expected it to be! I want more Infinite dance!!! kk And also, their costumes, the one with the skinny jeans — looks like the costume of Girl’s Generation Gee… but just the boys version.. and it also reminds me of Shinee’s costume in Juliet.


Well anyways, I still like the boys, though I am still struggling to know who’s who. I hope there would be a more powerful dance when they go on music programs.

**credits: woolliment@yt


Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

When this group.. I did not like them…

But this come back is different! Finally they have a come back they deserve. And I am talking about Girl’s Day‘s new song Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝).

I never thought I would like this group, well I still don’t like them too much, but at least they now have a spot on my list of who to look out for during broadcasts. Actually, I came to like them because of Minah! Cute , enthusiastic and energetic Minah! I used to hate it when she would come on variety programs, but now I love her attitude when she becomes a guest ! You go Girl!!

And its good for them to bring that attitude to their new video. This is a comeback they deserve, because it fits them — the song, the dance, the costume. In the past, I always felt like the girls were trying the hardest to breakthrough the industry. But after a few misses, I think they finally hit the bulls eye.

Good luck to them on their comeback!

**credits: annyeong944@yt


Before You Go – DBSK (MV)

I totally dig this new DBSK song! It’s called Before You Go (이것만은 알고 가)

It’s very different from Why(Keep Your Head Down). And this kind of suits my tastes.

Most people see DBSK as a dance group, but to me they are one of my favorite ballad groups. They are one of the boybands who can really harmonize themselves to sing beautiful music. So I liked this song the first time I heard it.

The only downside of this song is that 3 of  voices are missing. But Changmin and Uknow did a pretty good job with harmonizing the song.

This song is something to look forward to on the music programs.

**credits: sment@yt