Honk For Japan!!!

We all know what happened to Japan… I’m scared for the people who are there especially for my friends. I was very happy to know that all of them were coming home!

I’m so far from Japan, but in my own little way I would like to help. I have prayed for them but when I saw this video made by nigahiga (one of my favorite youtube personalities) posted this video, I knew I had to post it.

Yes it has nothing to do with anything with the hallyu wave or jpop or mandopop. But this is how we can help. For every 1,000,000 views of this video, $600 will be donated by nigahiga to Red Cross. And that’s a lot to help our brothers and sisters in Japan.

So keep on viewing the video and post it anywhere you can so we could help out!

Thanks! and let’s continue to pray for the safety of Japan…

**credits: nigahiga@yt