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Lee Seung Gi Pic Spam!

And while I am at it.. I am doing a pic spam of Lee Seung Gi!!! kk

When I talk to my students they always tell me that Lee Seung Gi is known in korea as the nation’s SON-IN-LAW —- that is every mother dreams her daughter to have a husband like Lee Seung Gi… but who wouldn’t want a husband like him!

Some might not find him too handsome, but this guy has got an appeal that really gets to you. If you see him on variety shows, he is such an innocent boy. But this guy is pretty talented as he can sing, he can host and he can act (I will leave the dancing part out of this.. kk though it’s quite passable for some). And I think his hard work is proof that he can take care of his future wife whoever she might be! kk oh

I ❀ Lee Seung Gi!!!

Pic Spam Pic Spam Pic Spam!!!

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