At last… I could access my blog!

I was very frustrated for a week because I could not post any entries to my blog. My IP address got blocked by wordpress. But all is good now because at last I can access it!

So because I could not post, I engrossed myself with watching lots of youtube videos. I found myself watching lots and lots of commercials or CFs as the Korean people would call it.

And this has got to be my favorite:

Mani Mani Juseyo!!!!

I absolutely love love love Wang Seok-hyun (the name of the kid). He is perhaps the cutest kid I know. I saw him first in the movie Speedy Scandal (with Cha Taehyun). Oh so cute!!! I love it when he smirks!

Love this kid… more posts to come… when I finish my report~~~~ kk

**credits:  summasnow@yt