0330 – Ukiss (MV)

Ukiss is back with a new song called 0330.

And I’m sure you’ve heard that both Kibum and Alexander has left the Ukiss but now they have two new members AJ and Hoon.

I have to say that their new song is way way better than Shut Up. I think this is going to be my new favorite Ukiss song (well it used to be Manmanhani / Am I that Easy).  Looking forward to the new Ukiss! (but still missing Kibum and Alexander)


Oh and I will be on hiatus from today until April 24… be back on April 25… 🙂

see ya!

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Can’t Open Up My Lips – K.Will (MV)

I knew it!!! When I first saw K.Will‘s new MV, My Heart is Beating, I noticed that there is a guy buy of no significant role. He was just a visitor in the cafe IU works in… I thought… I think he has a role but eventually the video did not let us see more of him!

And yes oh yes! Apparently he does have a purpose… in K. Will’s second single Can’t Open My Eyes (입이떨어지지 않아서).

To watch an HD version, click on this link…

So he is the guy who admires IU from afar but can’t say what his feelings are because IU (in this video) like Lee Joon of MBLAQ’a character. It’s a little predictable but I like how they waited for the next video before they tell us why the heck he is there!

Compared to My Heart is Beating, this is a slower ballad and is leaning toward a heartbreak song. And from the comments in the video, I guess a lot of people are wondering who he is. But I have to say he does look good.. so I guess maybe he is a trainee of Starship entertainment and we could be seeing more of him soon! kk

**credits: starshiptv@yt


Before U Go – DBSK (Full Version)

So apparently the first video we saw of Before you go by DBSK was just a short version. Earlier today, SM Entertainment has released the full version of the video.

I kind of miss watching video stories and this just hits the spot. SM does not usually have video stories with their music videos… I think I’ve only seen 2 video stories, and all of them are songs by Jang Ri In (both of which stars Siwon, Hankyung and Lee Yoon Hee). So I am elated to see another one of those. We already know what happened but this video makes us understand more… Always keep the faith… **credits: sment@yt (“,)

And this is why I like Dalmatian!

The rookie group that I am watching out for is Dalmatian.

I was particularly interested in them as they were a group formed by MC Mong. And I have an MC Mong bias (even until now… I’m still waiting for his comeback!).

And since I saw Round 1, I was always on the lookout for whatever happened to them. And I am very happy that they have finally released a mini album.  And I wasn’t disappointed!

These 6 boys are very very talented. And I like their fresh new sound. But I found 2 videos that I could share why I say they are very talented. And this is why I like Dalmatian…

That’s their real voices.. and there is no music.. except Daniel did not sing the high notes… but still you know his voice is really nice. I wish they would have more variety show appearances so I can admire them more! kk

**credits: annfabreag and DMTNCLIPS @ yt


Goong Pic Spam

I know I know this drama was shown ages ago… but I still love it and it has to be my all time favorite.

A student of mine spoke nonstop of this drama the whole day! kk Actually she was watching the drama for the nth time but she says she always gets giddy with Goong (Princess Hours).

So I had nothing to do and I looked through my old files for my Goong pictures… and I decided to do some pic spamming.. kk…

Fell in Love with the characters in the drama…


The Crown Prince….

The Crown Princess (Yoon Eun Hye is very cute here!)…

The Original Crown Prince (who was recently discharged from the army! ooh can’t wait for his next project!!)….

The Other girl.. the Ballet Dancer (I used to hate Song Ji Hyo but I so love her now! Long Live the Monday Couple!!! kk)

Some liked the Shin and Chaekyung Couple

While others prefer Chaegyung to be with Yul

But in the end… Chaegyung chose Shin…


And got married… oh what a lovely couple!

Some other pics… I wanted this stuffed toy?? stuffed whatever… kk

And this is probably the most romantic scene in the drama for me!!!

And who could ever forget the lovable teddy bears!!!

I could watch this drama over and over and over again!!!

**credits: asianfanatics.net + as tagged


My Heart Is Beating – K. Will MV

I love watching music videos with stories in it. And I love K. will.

So if you add those two you will have this video… K. will’s recent song My Heart is Beating (가슴이뛴다).

The video is from StarshipTV (the company where Kwill is signed). So if you want to view the HD version click on this link.

As usual I love the sound of this song. Actually I have a particular bias for K. will. He is one of the best Korean ballad singers for me and I especially look forward to all his new songs… blame it on Love 119! This is such a sweet song and it is definitely going to go on my playlist!

Anyway, there is a cute story in the video and it features my favorite girl IU!!! IU is really really cute! and I always love it when she acts in a video or in a drama. I reckon in case she gives up singing, she can be an actress. But please don’t give up singing! kk  I love this kid since I saw her youtube videos and her first song Mia. And she is very lovable! And yes MBLAQ fans would also be delighted to see that Lee Joon is in the video. I’m not so much of an Lee Joon fan as I prefer G.O.. kk

The video’s story is cute and lovable and something that I can’t help but smile after I watched it. Though K-will does not appear on this video, it’s his song, so I am just happy to listen to his voice.

Oh and as a bonus… here is the video of IU’s dance in the video… kk.. I think this is a practice time.. cute cute IU!

**credits:  starshipTV@yt


Rocketeer – Far East Movement live at Music Core

I totally dig Far East Movement!!! And I totally dig this song… And recently they went to Korea and made a performance on Music Core singing their current song Rocketeer.

I knew about them because Wongfu Productions made their video. They were not very popular yet at that time. But I’m glad their popularity skyrocketed! ^_^ They are one of those groups that I genuinely like and who can produce good music.

I was surprised when they made this performance and happy at the same time! kk I like the way they changed the lyrics from the using the word “Tokyo” to “Myungdong”… I bet theyr Korean fans loved that!

I love them so I’m watching out for more of their songs!!

**credits:  Mamonuser@yt


Super Junior discovers Korea’s Special Secret

It was on the news some weeks ago that Super Junior has become the ambassador for Korean food…

Today while searching on yt, i found this…

Yup it’s 4 of them promoting Korean food. If I understand correctly, they were promoting bibimbap. It’s the Korean food made of rice, vegetables and some meat. Bibimbap comes in different kinds and I think the boys were talking about them. Unfortunately we only get to see 4 boys (Heechul, Shindong, Yesung and Leeteuk). I guess the others are busy with their activities in their subgroup Super Junior M.

I love that Korea made them the representative to promote their food. I love Korean food and it’s one of my favorite things to eat in the world. They are healthy and satisfying and full of flavor! kk

Suju is perhaps one of the Kpop stars that has a large international fan base… so I think it’s a good they made them the representative…  and maybe that’s why they surpassed the 5 year jinx given to korean idol groups — even with all the trials that the boys had over the last 2 years.

I just hope they stay longer… 🙂

**credits: YesungCenter@yt


Nothing’s Over – Infinite (MV)

Umm well, I’m not sure why I am posting this but I guess I like Infinite.. but I have to say this is not their best MV…

It’s their new track, Nothing’s Over.

Actually, the song is ok. It’s the video that I am not satisfied with! I was expecting a powerful dance like they always do. But in this video, yes they did have a dance, but it’s not what I expected it to be! I want more Infinite dance!!! kk And also, their costumes, the one with the skinny jeans — looks like the costume of Girl’s Generation Gee… but just the boys version.. and it also reminds me of Shinee’s costume in Juliet.


Well anyways, I still like the boys, though I am still struggling to know who’s who. I hope there would be a more powerful dance when they go on music programs.

**credits: woolliment@yt


Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

When this group.. I did not like them…

But this come back is different! Finally they have a come back they deserve. And I am talking about Girl’s Day‘s new song Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝).

I never thought I would like this group, well I still don’t like them too much, but at least they now have a spot on my list of who to look out for during broadcasts. Actually, I came to like them because of Minah! Cute , enthusiastic and energetic Minah! I used to hate it when she would come on variety programs, but now I love her attitude when she becomes a guest ! You go Girl!!

And its good for them to bring that attitude to their new video. This is a comeback they deserve, because it fits them — the song, the dance, the costume. In the past, I always felt like the girls were trying the hardest to breakthrough the industry. But after a few misses, I think they finally hit the bulls eye.

Good luck to them on their comeback!

**credits: annyeong944@yt