Super Junior M comeback!

Super Junior M (the SUJU subgroup for the Mandarin speaking market) will be making a comeback! Yay!

They are coming back with a new video called Too Perfect (太完美). Here is the teaser…

And when I saw their video, I thought I was seeing things when I counted 8 guys. Unfortunately, I haven’t been stalking them like I used to in the past (LOL), so I am not up to date with their activities. So when I did a little digging up I realized I was not seeing things, as there are 8 of them… its the original Super Junior M, minus Hangeng (Hankyung), but plus Sungmin and Eunhyuk. This is going to be a treat!!  And behold their concept photo…

Kind of like a Siberian prince concept… but they look great.. oh I can’t wait for Feb 25!!

I can’t wait ^_^

**credits: sment@yt


Dalmatian’s New Songs!!!

There are a lot of emerging groups in the Korean industry. Most of you have their own favorites, but I would have to say that mine is Dalmatian.

Dalmatian made their debut last year with the song Round 1. The group was formed by MC Mong (oh how I miss his songs). And I liked them because their concept is different… 3 rappers and 3 singers…  their sound is unique… well maybe because MC Mong wrote their debut song.

I was very excited when I learned that they were making a new album. And of course yesterday they released their 2 new videos… That Man Opposed and Lover Cop.

That Man Opposed (그 남자는 반대)

Lover Cop

They look very handsome in their vids… and I still love the fact that they have 3 rappers and 3 singers. When I compare both videos, I like That Man Opposed better than Lover Cop. Because of the cutesy pop sound, but has a lot of rap to it. Plus Day Day looks really great there! I can definitely crush on Day Day because he is older than me! kk Inati looks great here too… you could never guess how old he is! He looks younger. Love Youngwon’s blue hair! kk its not very common in and he looks great…. no one ever dared try that kind of hair! kudos for him for being so brave and accepting that blue hair… I bet he will never forget that in his lifetime! kk

I will be watching out for their promotions on the music shows! Dalmatian doggy dog!! kk

**credits: isentermedia@yt