JYJ on Guerilla Date (with Subs)

OMG!! How come I did not see this! kk

But I wanted to share it still!

JYJ on Guerilla Date (with subs)!!!

They should get more spots on TV! Nice to see them again! A big thanks to christabel88@DBSKnights for subbing it! weee

**credits: Crystal8872@yt


So Ji Sub’s song!!! (MV Teaser)

I thought I was seeing things when I read the title. So Jisub has a song??

Yup gals he does have one.. and this is the MV teaser to prove it! The song is called Pick Up Line.

The video features gagmans… The teaser is really hilarious! I couldn’t wait for the full MV which will be released on the 17th.

But I still can’t get over it! He has a song?? I thought this was another guy named  So Ji Sub…ahahaha and if you don’t believe me… spot him on the video! kk

**credits TonyKPOPMV@yt


Always – Ukiss (MV) OST Real School

This is the MV of Ukiss‘ OST track for the Dongho‘s movie, Real School (레알스쿨).

It’s called Always.

It’s nice to listen to a different sound of Ukiss. And it’s very cute to see Dongho act! kk I’m pretty sure my friend would love this as she roots for Dongho!! 🙂

All Kiss Me’s would really be happy…

**credits: ukiss2008@yt


Have You Ever Fallen In Love – Standing Egg

I like to listen to Asian Music. Most of those I listen to are the songs from idol groups… however nowadays, I have a soft heart for those groups or individuals who do not belong to idol groups and whose music is fresh and are different from what we commonly hear.

And this is one of them… its from a group called Standing Egg and the track is called Have you Ever Fallen in Love.

Why I like it? Lately, most of the popular songs in the Korean music scene sound poppish. However, I don’t really hear acoustic songs too much, unless they are done on music shows like Chocolate or Sketchbook. I always enjoy when Lyn does an acoustic version of the popular songs on those shows. Have you ever fallen in love sounds fresh and is not from a common genre. It sounds good to the ears. Also, I am a fan of the acoustic genre, but we have yet to see it’s rise the Kpop industry as there are only a handful of groups who perform it. The group’s vocal quality sounds good too, it fits perfectly with the strumming of the guitars.

I hope talents like them would rise to the music scene. Good luck to them guys!

**credits: TonyKPOPMV@yt