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Each Other’s Way (旅の途中) – Exile (MV)

I’m going Japanese these days!!!

And this MV is fresh! Real fresh as this single has not yet been released! This will be released in Feb. 9.

It’s the new single of Exile, called Each Other’s Way (旅の途中).

Exile has been there for the longest time!! ahahaha and this is what makes me amazed about Japanese boybands— they last for so long… Arashi and SMAP are some examples. Though some or even most of the members have their own solo projects, they manage to stay together… and I think that is the real teamwork!

Japanese songs these days are really good!! Unlike last year… but this is the kind of Japanese music that I like!! A song that you can dance too but at the same time it could pass off as a ballad song. I just love listening to Exile songs!! Be it a ballad or dance songs. ^_^

*credits: avexnetwork@yt


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