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V.V.I.P – Seungri (Bigbang) [MV]

Now this is more like it! ahaha

This is the video of another track from Seungri‘s second solo album. It’s called V.V.I.P.

I love love the Alice in Wonderland concept of the video! And I like Seungri’s expression here because it’s different from Strong Baby. I love his fresh attitude and the way he smiles.. it fit the concept! I also like the tune of the video and the choreography. The beat of the song is something that fits him (I think). This song is GOOOOD!!! It’s one of those that you could listen to over and over again! Quite addicting!

If you watch the video closely, you may think you have seen the other Big Bang boys make an appearance (somewhere at 0:33). But look closely and study it closely… and tell me if that’s them! wahaha I had to do this maybe about three times! Spot the difference! ^_^

I posted the other video (What Can I Do) in another post.

Anyways congrats to Seungri for making a come back!

And Big Bang please make your come back fast!!! ^_^

**credits: BIGBANG@yt


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