How Can I – TVXQ (DBSK) MV

Sment has released the MV of How Can I by TVXQ (DBSK).

This was one of the song Changmin and Uknow sang when they did their debut on different music shows. The song is a nice sounding ballad, but i think it lacks a lot of voices. But both boys should be commended to how well they recorded this song, even with some of the other voices missing.

However, though I like the song.. the video is kind of disappointing. I was expecting something more from SMent, not just slide show pics. The pictures were beautiful though, just wished they did something more to the MV to justify how brilliant the song is! And if you look at the comments on youtube, a lot have said that it looks fanmade!!! And that was my initial reaction! Hope they would do it better next time… please do it better for them!!!