What Do You Want Me To Do – Seungri (Bigbang) Teaser

When is Bigbang going to make their comeback??? Sigh…

But at least we get to see their members doing their stuff.. and after GD and TOP, Seungri‘s making a comeback!!

This song is called  What Do You Want Me To Do (어쩌라고).

It’s a teaser but I expect to see powerful dance moves from him! ^_^ I think Seungri’s got a thing for flowers… it was a rose in Strong Baby, now he has that white large flower-like thing on his coat… I think I need to see the video first before judging it!

I can’t wait for January 20.. the song will be released with another track VVIP. So whose gonna win? GD and TOP or Seungri? ahaha but TOP want to win because he is the hyung! kkk ^_^


posted the videos:

What Can I Do?


**credits: BIGBANG@yt


Supa Luv – Teen Top (MV)

Teen Top is back with a new single Supa Luv.

I have to say this song has got a potential. Clap was a unique song but I like this better and I think this song will enhance their idol image. This is exactly what the boys need! The beat is absolutely addicting… I found myself singing I’ve got that Supa Luv. And I think they look good in this video. Their new hair fits them and the boys have grown! Their dance is still very well choreographed… though the use of the matrix move is too overrated.

It’s also a plus for all the Shinhwa fans as they get to see Eric in this video. He is still handsome even after all these years.

Good luck to the boys when they promote this! Hope they have more songs like this! weeee

**credits  TonyKPOPMV@yt