I’ll Write You a Letter – Kara (MV)

I found this video on allkpop!

The song is a remake by Kara. It’s called I’ll Write You a Letter (편지할게요). It was originally sung by Lena Park.

I love love love the video! Though you will not be seeing Jiyoung, Nicole, Hara, Gyuri and Seunghyeon, but the artist that did the sand art was wonderful.. absolutely Daebak!! Sand art (making paintings or portraits from sand) I gather is getting popular.  The artwork in the video is done by a sand artist whose name is Ji Soo. I have to say, all the details in the artwork he provided for this video is daebak!! wonderful!! fanstastic!!! faboulous!!! I wish I could do that!

Like I said this is a remake and it’s features in the album 2011 Kim Hyung Suk With Friends Part. 1. Kara did justice to the song, too bad we don’t see them in this video! The girls should be given more songs like this. all girl groups should! I am a bit familiar with this song as it has been sung in several music shows by artists like IU. And for those wondering how the original sounds like… here is the video..

Lena Park is really one of those artists who has a very unique sound. Though she is not my favorite, but I have to say that her songs are a hit.

**credits:  allkpop + moovtree and TonyKPOPMV@yt


Dreams Come True and Now – SNSD

I stumbled across an old SNSD video in my subscriptions on youtube.

SNSD are like the hottest girl group now in Korea. And they are even taking Japan by storm. The video I came across with is one where they did their own version of Dreams Come True (originally by SES) and Now (originally by FinKL).

All the girls minus Yoona did a close to perfect rendition– close to perfect as there is nothing like the original one ^_^. It’s fun to see Kpop artists doing their own versions of songs that have been popular in the past! 🙂  And without comparing you can see the difference between the dances now and then. I think the moves from before were easier compared to the ones now. There are more movements of the hands and the feet now, whereas the Kpop dances before repeated most of the steps (or so I noticed). But nonetheless the group did well.

The video I found does not permit embedding so click on this link.

SNSD Dreams Come True / Now

This video has a higher resolution. The video posted above is the same video but of different quality.

**credits: CodeAnalysisSeason3 and ruccistyl@yt