Most Wanted – Wilber Pan (Pan Wei Bo)

Scream~~~ Pan Wei Bo is back! kk

This is his new song called Most Wanted (全面通緝).

Fan girl screaming right now!! I’ve been a fan since I heard Bu De Bu Ai..

About the song.. when i heard the verses it kinda sounded like Seven’s Better Together. But in the middle parts of the song, it sounds different. The beat is nice though. And the concept in the video is totally different from his past MV. I like it! Fan girl screams again! kk

Just a comment though, I know he has long been criticized by a lot of Kpop fans that he copies Kpop music (plagiarized even). Bu De Bu Ai was even one of them. But don’t you think he would be facing  charges by now if he did not acquire the rights to these songs?? Just a thought ^_^

anyways.. enjoy his new music!

**credits:  BESTofASIAN