Already Been Two Years…

I can’t believe it, it has been two years (and a day) from when I started this blog. Two years!!!!

I first started the blog just to share my craziness over Asian stuff… Though I have not updated it as much as I wanted to because of my crazy schedules, I try to write as much as I can.

In two years I have 395 posts (this one doesn’t count), 154 categories, and 399 tags. Well, if you compare it to other sites, they may have more, but to me this is an achievement. I did not expect to have written those many posts.

And to those who have visited or accidentally came across my site for whatever post you visit… Thank you! Kamsahamnida! Xie Xie! Arigatou! Salamat! ^_^

Though a lot of Asian blogs have surfaced over the two years.. I will continue to share the Asian things I love most…

And to honor this.. I’m leaving you with one of my favorite Korean ballads… Brown Eyes’ Already One Year

**credits: Sunghan90@yt + as tagged