Alex singing Hwabun (Flowerpot)

I kinda miss this song! and it was a treat to see Alex sing it!

He sang this at the Korea – China music festival. I miss him singing it and I miss we got married!! When I saw it I had to go through a few of the old We Got Married episodes! ^_^

watch it before it gets removed!

**credits: CodeAnalysisSeason2@yt


Cooking Cooking (Yoriwang) Dance Practice (Super Junior H)

I saw this today on yt!

Super Junior Happy in the practice room with Cooking Cooking (Yoriwang).

This is my favorite Super Junior Happy song! kk The lyrics is fun and the MV to this song is very funny and cute at the same time. I’m sure Kangin’s fans will be delighted to see him in this video! 🙂

When I see video’s like this I kinda miss the old suju! 🙂

**credits 5uperJunior@yt