L.O.V.E – Lee Ki Chan ft. Supreme Team

I have currently been addicted to Supreme Team‘s Then Then Then. Yes they have finished the promotions, but I like how it sounds.

Now the boys are back with a collaboration with Lee Ki Chan (though I think this is Lee Ki Chan’s single). But its a nice Christmas track, just right for the season. The song is called L.O.V.E (러브).

The MV features 2 love stories, one of a photographer and the other of a bartender. The stories are both cute… It’s kinda cute when the girl comes in the bar with a big book, with huge glasses and a fluffy pen! That story has to be the best. So which one do you like?

Lee Ki Chan once again has a nice track. If your not familiar with him, he released a track called Beautiful Woman/Person (Miin) which was a hit. See the video here.

Anyone want to fall in love this Christmas? 🙂

*credits:  dscAlex and BESTofASIAN@yt


How Dare You 니까짓게 – Sistar

It’s snowing on my blog! kk 🙂 I wish it was snowing in my country too.. but that’s very unlikely to happen. So thanks to the new wordpress feature, I can experience a little be of snow! ^_^

But I think snow would not fit the video that I’m about to post next.. kk because these girls are HOT that they could melt snow.

I’m talking about Sistar’s new track How Dare You (니까짓게).

Hmmm.. well no pole dance in the video.. so I guess its safe to be shown. I mean in some countries, pole dancing is considered an art, but because of the sensual side to this dance, its not widely accepted yet. But the girls still look good. Bora’s sporting a red hairstyle.. Hyorin’s voice is still great. The song has a bit of a cheer dance feel to it, especially with the repetition of words, I guess you could use this chant the next time you have a cheering competition! kk I wonder who the guy is in the video! ^_^

However I still like Shady Girl! kk it’s still their best track in my opinion..

And if you want to learn the song, check out their dance tutorial video:

**credits: BESTofASIAN@yt


Song Joongki’s Let’s Be Coffee CF

It’s the Friday rush…

I had to take a breather so I’m writing this. Breathe in.. breathe out…

So how do I take a breather.. by putting up a post of Song Joongki’s Let’s Be Coffee.

For the 15 second version click here.

I like Let’s Be coffee… well even before he was on the CF. In this CF he joins rising actress Baek Jin Hee (Loving You a Thousand Times, Secret Garden). Who would not want to ride alongside Song Joongki on a bicycle… I bet a lot of girls would. It’s a cute CF and once again, they have highlighted the circling of ones arms on the hip for support. Well maybe to some it does not mean anything, but to Koreans it has something to do with skinship.. for the unfamiliar, read this post by dramabeans

Oh well.. breathing time is over.. now back to reality!

edited: bonus bonus!!! just missing Sungkyunkwan Scandal! ^_^

**credits: joonismine2 and yunakimdaebak@yt