This Christmas – JYP Nation

If there is SM Town… and then there’s YG Family… now we are introduced to JYP Nation.

This is how the artists under JYP Entertainment call their group. And they have recently released their MV “This Christmas“.

Yes, Christmas is in the air!!! Oh well.. it should be since it’s December! But I love the coziness of this video… And I think its good because they captured the true meaning of what Christmas is.. being together with the ones you love.. be it romantic or not. Oh and I love the way they had Nichkhun do the last part of the song! very very good!

Christmas is actually my favorite time of the year! I’m so excited for Christmas!! Thank you JYP Nation for making me start to feel the Christmas season… so I think I’d better start doing my Christmas list!

**credits: jypentertainment@yt


Don’t Stop the Music – 2NE1

The girls are back with a new track Don’t Stop the Music!!

How to describe it.. it’s the same kind of 2NE1 sound with something kind of different! I think this song was meant for the girls to sing. I like that it has the same hip hop feel. Well most people would say that they sound the same. But as you listen to the song, its different from the past music that they’ve released. On a side not, in the video, Bom is sporting a new hair color, but I think she looked better in the red hair she sported when they promoted “Go Away”. I love her dress though, the one with the teddy bear-ish design 🙂

Kudos to the girls for releasing another nice track! and congratulations for them for winning this year’s Artist of the Year in the MAMA awards! 🙂

**credits 2NE1@yt