Hot Times – SM the Ballad

SM the Ballad has released another video of their song!

I actually like this song better, the melody that is. Was actually anticipating the video. ^_^  But I like the video of the first song, I Miss You.

Looking forward to more of their music.

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Alex singing Hwabun (Flowerpot)

I kinda miss this song! and it was a treat to see Alex sing it!

He sang this at the Korea – China music festival. I miss him singing it and I miss we got married!! When I saw it I had to go through a few of the old We Got Married episodes! ^_^

watch it before it gets removed!

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Cooking Cooking (Yoriwang) Dance Practice (Super Junior H)

I saw this today on yt!

Super Junior Happy in the practice room with Cooking Cooking (Yoriwang).

This is my favorite Super Junior Happy song! kk The lyrics is fun and the MV to this song is very funny and cute at the same time. I’m sure Kangin’s fans will be delighted to see him in this video! 🙂

When I see video’s like this I kinda miss the old suju! 🙂

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Super Junior at the Golden Disk Awards

When I get stressed I tend to post a lot of things! kk 🙂 so my blog gets flooded!

The boys (Super Junior) may not have won the highest award in the Korea’s Golden Disk Award (imagine the Korean Grammy Awards), but they gave a wonderful performance! (the highest award went to SNSD)

Sorry Sorry Remix

Bonamana Remix

Awesome intro! kk 🙂 Eunhyuk’s powerful dance.. But I think the highlight was seeing Kyuhyun wearing shades! kk sorry Siwon but Kyuhyun looked really good!!!!

Congrats to the boys and to all the winners during the Golden Disk Awards!

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Love Love Love – After School

After School has finally made their come back as a whole group.

This time they have a Christmas themed song called Love Love Love.

Yes, it sounds like a Christmas song.. however, it does remind me of a mix of Britney Spear’s Santa My Only Wish (This Year) and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. But still it’s a festive song. UEE plays the girl lead in this MV.

Cute song… and you see a different After School in this video.. but I still think Because of You is their best song! 🙂

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Good Day 좋은 날 – IU

The new IU music video is out! I love this girl since I saw hear singing all those acoustic tracks, she’s absolutely talented and her voice is really unique!

She is back with her new track called Good Day (좋은 날).

For her new album, she has changed her concept, showing everyone that she has now turned into a lady! 🙂 The song gives you a retro kind of feel. And I love the vintage concept with her clothes.. its definitely something different. I think the kind of clothes she wore in the MV will be in the fashion scene one of these days! kk I also love her eye make-up. The message of the song is different from all those songs she had before. I think it’s nice as she is trying to re-invent herself and do away with the cute little image she had. Well she is still cute in this video, but the grown-up kind of cute. The one thing I don’t like about it though is the dance routine.. kk it looks like another idol dance routine. Sorry IU.. I like your music, but I don’t like the dance routines, I would prefer you would grow to be a singer like Baek Ji Young who could do a pop as well as a ballad music.

Would I want a parrot for a pet… hmm it might be too dangerous because it might get me busted! 🙂

Looking forward to more of IU soon!

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Super Junior CNN Talk Asia

The boys are definitely defining Hallyu! 🙂

It was reported about a month ago, that they have been featured on CNN Talk Asia. At that time, it was just part of the whole interview.

And so I bring you the whole CNN Talk Asia feature.

It was Siwon and Leeteuk who represented the members, but you can see most of them in the video. It was fun to see watching on TV how crowds go wild during their concerts! kk And yes, that really happens! 🙂

Kudos to them for spreading the Hallyu wave!!

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Heechul on Running Man

Running Man has become one of my favorite Korean variety shows!! kk And people would say, who wants to watch celebrities running?? I would! It’s fun to watch trust me!

So what got me excited is the episode with Super Junior’s Heechul as a guest!

Though the episode was aired last Sunday (12/05) I can’t wait for iSubs to sub it! kk!!

Click here to see some vids:

Heechul on Running Man 1

Heechul on Running Man 2

Oh by the way, I’ve read that Siwon will be a guest on Running Man also! The episode will be aired on December 18! kk 🙂 I can’t wait!! 🙂

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Christmas Time – Jellyfish Entertainment Artists

Christmas is definitely in the air. And this year Jellyfish Entertainment has given us an early Christmas present!

Artists who are signed under the label have come together to make an album this Christmas. The album is aptly titled Jelly Christmas. And their first title track is called This Christmas.

Its a very nice Christmas track, just fit for the season. And to me it’s really nice since Sung Sikyung sings. And there’s also Park Hyoshin, Brian Joo and Seo In Gook to name a few. It’s a powerhouse cast if you ask me. And for some who miss Sung Sikyung‘s voice, especially when he says “Jaljayo” (Good night), you hear him say “Merry Christmas” in that same voice!! ohhh make you fall in love! ^_^

And since ’tis the season of giving, it is said that a portion  of the profits of the album will be donated Snowmen Making Miracles‘ campaign by NGO Good Neighbors in order to aid starving children overseas. Cool! And this is why I love Christmas!

I can’t wait for the holidays! just a few more days to go!! ^_^

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