Found You – JYJ

I’m posting a lot today! kk 🙂

I would not have posted more but I got excited when I saw this video that I am sharing.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal might be over but I think this video is a reminder of the drama I recently got addicted to. It might not have done good with the ratings, but the drama had their own share of fans and I am one of them. Well apart from the story, I got addicted because of  Song Joong Ki (because he’s Gu Yongha!).

But another thing that I am excited about is that this is a song from 3 TVXQ/DBSK members.  Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu or simply JYJ has sang the song for the OST of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It was nice to hear their voices again. When I heard it I so missed DBSK. I wish they would perform together someday soon.

Oh and just some news, DBSK is coming back, just Changmin and Uknow, but I read that they are still using the name DBSK. They will be releasing something sometime early next year. I hear the Cassies rejoicing! But still it would be nice to have all 5 of them together! 🙂

Just like old times…

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Rainy Days Teaser – One Way

OMG!!! I found this as I went over my youtube subscriptions (I do have a lot and it’s because of this that I keep in touch with the kpop world!)

It’s the Rainy Days Teaser from One Way’s first album!!!

Yey! so happy.

It has the One Way sound that we love! kk and I can’t wait to hear the full version! 🙂

I’ve been a fan of One Way since I heard U Drag and Magic. Their sound is really fresh and it gives you a different vibe from the usual idol music we hear. I can’t wait for the full version! ^_^

So subscribe to their youtube page to be updated!

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Miss You (너무그리워) – SM the Ballad (MV)

The MV of the song Miss You (너무그리워) of SM Entertainment’s new project group, SM the Ballad has been released!!

So who are SM the ballad?

Composed of 4 members, Kyuhyun of Super Junior, Jonghyun of Shinee, Jay of Trax and Jino, a new SM artist. Kyuhyun, Jonghyun and Jay are known for their voices and some have already made their mark through participating in OSTs and musicals. The group has already made their first live debut in yesterday’s Ingkigayo.

The song and the video

The song Miss you is really good. And of course their voices are really good and I have to say I am pretty amazed by Jino’s voice. Well, we’ve heard the other 3 perform before and their really known for their powerful voices so I was kind of scared for Jino. But he can sing and his voice maybe compared to the other 3 members.

The video on the other hand features the very beautiful Lee Yeon Hee. She is seen as an angel who crashed into the earth. She is met by our hero who takes her in to his room and heals her. And of course like other stories in MVs they like each other, but alas there are 2 men who have come to take her. And it all ends with the guy having a bad headache and then realizes that it wasn’t a dream. Well the story is a bit typical and predictable but the boys’ voices are worth to melt your heart. ^_^

But I’m kinda excited about this project group! It’s about time SM Entertainment has a good ballad group. This proves that idols could do ballads! ^_^

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