New Look!!!

Just a random post..

I decided to change the look of my blog… For quite some time I had the green blog.. but I changed it.. and..

Will try to post more! this is my stress reliever.. kk

and just a random video for the day…

The New MV from the group Infinite ~~ She’s Back

it’s a summer song but i still like dashi dorawa better ^_^

credit: XxDevxX@yt


Addicted to Super Legacy

I know I rattle about my boys a lot.. and by my boys I mean Super Junior…

And now I found the perfect forum! kk~~~ the perfect forum where I can spazz and learn a lot of new things about Super Junior. And that would be in >> Super Legacy <<

I’m sorry about the picture I posted here.. but I had to do a print screen for it… kk couldn’t find a picture. The forum just started abut 2 days ago.. and i am addicted to it! kk.. well I’m still figuring out how to it.

The website aims to unite all the the ELFS around the world. The website also has TWELFs.. they give you the latest sj news. And if you missed SJ subs.. then its here on this website.. you may download their videos but you have to follow the rules and be a good student first! They also have their own video gallery and a server for their videos… so no mo yt… kk

In the 2 days, I’ve gotten crazy about my posts there.. kk.. I so love it!

So international elfs.. hurry and sign up now!! 🙂