It’s nice to be blogging again! :)

It feels nice to be blogging again!

Though I’m not sure how long I can blog.. but I will try my best to post as much as i can.. but this is really stress relieving! 🙂

But like I said before, I will not be posting the usual stuff that I had posted in the past. Before I use to put up a lot of relevant news on this blog. But because I can’t keep up with what’s happening in the Kpop and Jpop scene (because I might be too busy), I will just be posting a little of this and that on my blog.. kind of like things I want to share… for the news, there are a lot of bloggers that have constantly updated their websites.. so check them out or better yet got to allkpop.. its my source! kk

I am still thinking of continuing the “Get to Know Them” posts… but I would be needing time to do that.. soon.. i hope…

So I know you’re reading too much words on this post.. thus I will share a video of the unplugged version of Romeo and Juliet from Clazziquai… I liked them first before I did Super Junior (kk sorry boys). Blame it on watching Kim Sam Soon~~~ ever since I heard She Is and Be My Love.. I became a fan..

I just loved the way Alex and Horan’s voices blend together.. and DJ Clazzi’s songs are really good! To those who are not familiar with them.. you might recognize Alex who was in We Got Married for quite sometime. He was paired off with Shin Ae, who was single at that time… The song that I am posting was the song they sang in ep.8 of the first season (if I am not mistaken). This was the song Alex and Shin Ae tried to sing together (before Alex sang Hwabun/Flowerpot).

Absolutely love them~~

**credits: sawheong @ yt


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