Good Person (좋은사람) – Super Junior

Posting like crazy once again! kk and enjoying it! I say I miss blogging too much! 🙂

The song I’m posting now is one of my favorite tracks from the 4th album of Super Junior (come on.. give the fan girl a break! kk ^^). It’s called Good Person (좋은사람) When I first listened to the song, I automatically liked it… though I did not understand it at first. Just the fact that it had a good melody and it was sang by them was reason enough for me.. ok but that was the biased me talking! kk but hey it’s my blog and i can blabber about anything right? 🙂

My boys recently sang it in Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook… and the host was pretty happy about it because it was in fact a song he compose and he sang some years ago.. Well when i saw this variety.. that shocked me… because I did not know that it was a revival of that song.. but the boys did a pretty neat job for it i might say… and the what they did to the melody was good… and for eunhyuk fans… YOU SHOULD SEE IT!!! kk

For those who are curious about the original version this is it.

I might say that it’s not only the melody and the fact that it was sang by my favorite boys that is nice about this song.. the lyrics are beautiful too.. oh well i go gaga over heartbreak/heartache songs… and this fits that category perfectly! kk ~~~ yoo heeyeol’s lyrics.. i will give it a 5 star definitely! And the concerp of the original video is cute too so thumbs up for Toy (Yoo Heeyeol)

Hope you liked it too!

credits: uketsu and misssgomdori @ youtube


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