It’s nice to be blogging again! :)

It feels nice to be blogging again!

Though I’m not sure how long I can blog.. but I will try my best to post as much as i can.. but this is really stress relieving! 🙂

But like I said before, I will not be posting the usual stuff that I had posted in the past. Before I use to put up a lot of relevant news on this blog. But because I can’t keep up with what’s happening in the Kpop and Jpop scene (because I might be too busy), I will just be posting a little of this and that on my blog.. kind of like things I want to share… for the news, there are a lot of bloggers that have constantly updated their websites.. so check them out or better yet got to allkpop.. its my source! kk

I am still thinking of continuing the “Get to Know Them” posts… but I would be needing time to do that.. soon.. i hope…

So I know you’re reading too much words on this post.. thus I will share a video of the unplugged version of Romeo and Juliet from Clazziquai… I liked them first before I did Super Junior (kk sorry boys). Blame it on watching Kim Sam Soon~~~ ever since I heard She Is and Be My Love.. I became a fan..

I just loved the way Alex and Horan’s voices blend together.. and DJ Clazzi’s songs are really good! To those who are not familiar with them.. you might recognize Alex who was in We Got Married for quite sometime. He was paired off with Shin Ae, who was single at that time… The song that I am posting was the song they sang in ep.8 of the first season (if I am not mistaken). This was the song Alex and Shin Ae tried to sing together (before Alex sang Hwabun/Flowerpot).

Absolutely love them~~

**credits: sawheong @ yt


Mister (Japanese version) – Kara

Who misses Kara’s butt dance?? kk… I bet some of you did!! kk

I found the video of their Japanese version for the song Mister.. the song that made them very famous because of the butt dance.. and I have to say these 5 girls really look nice when they do it.

I remember that this was a follow up song when they made their come back. The song that preceeded this was Wanna if I am not mistaken… And though “Wanna” had a music video, “Mister” did not have one… i think they just did it live.. frankly I was disappointed since i liked Mister better than Wanna.. but seeing this video now made me happy!! kk 🙂 Finally a video for the song!!! — though the language is Japanese, but nonetheless its still Mister..

So for the Karaholics and those that missed the butt dance.. this PV is for you.. kk

credits: haengbok0172 @ yt


Other songs i love now… as of 2010.07.29

Though I haven’t been blogging too much… I still try my best to be updated with the latest Kpop… I like some of the songs.. some I don’t.. but recently I have been listening to these songs.. these are kind of like my recommendations to someone who wants to know the latest kpop songs… (this of course excludes super junior songs.. kk ~~~)

I Need A Girl – Taeyang

One word to describe it — HOT!!!! Absolutely love him! kk Dara and Sol look good together kk~~ nice move to choose her as the girl in the MV

Good Girl, Bad Girl – Miss A

This rookie JYP group sound good! Their debut song hits the spot.. kk well it’s kind of addicting when you hear the words… “You don’t know me” and “So shut off (but sounds like up) boy!”.. plus Jia really looks good with her PINK hair! you go girl! 🙂

Bbi Ri Bba Bba – Narsha

The solo track of Narsha 🙂 she is my favorite BEG member.. kk and I loved her more when I saw her on Invincible Youth.. and she has this song that’s really really addictive! and looove her make up.. when i saw it on allkpop.. wow! 🙂 bbi ri bba bba.. kk~~

Come Back Again – Infinite

Another addictive song from a rookie group. This is their debut song and though it did not win any award, its pretty nice to hear.. well thanks to one friend of mine i couldn’t stop singing.. dashi dorawa.. dorawa dorawa.. kk but i have to say when these boys dance, their moves are really synchronized.. precise.. and got to love the guitar part after the chorus.. kk ~~

I My Me Mine – 4minute

Hmm.. I’m not so much of a fan of the girl group.. but I like this song (the second song from them that I like). But I dont like HUH… but this one sounds really good and I like the dance.. 🙂

credits: ygentertainment + interminabletube + magicsailor123 + 4minuteofficial and woolliment @ yt


Good Person (좋은사람) – Super Junior

Posting like crazy once again! kk and enjoying it! I say I miss blogging too much! 🙂

The song I’m posting now is one of my favorite tracks from the 4th album of Super Junior (come on.. give the fan girl a break! kk ^^). It’s called Good Person (좋은사람) When I first listened to the song, I automatically liked it… though I did not understand it at first. Just the fact that it had a good melody and it was sang by them was reason enough for me.. ok but that was the biased me talking! kk but hey it’s my blog and i can blabber about anything right? 🙂

My boys recently sang it in Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook… and the host was pretty happy about it because it was in fact a song he compose and he sang some years ago.. Well when i saw this variety.. that shocked me… because I did not know that it was a revival of that song.. but the boys did a pretty neat job for it i might say… and the what they did to the melody was good… and for eunhyuk fans… YOU SHOULD SEE IT!!! kk

For those who are curious about the original version this is it.

I might say that it’s not only the melody and the fact that it was sang by my favorite boys that is nice about this song.. the lyrics are beautiful too.. oh well i go gaga over heartbreak/heartache songs… and this fits that category perfectly! kk ~~~ yoo heeyeol’s lyrics.. i will give it a 5 star definitely! And the concerp of the original video is cute too so thumbs up for Toy (Yoo Heeyeol)

Hope you liked it too!

credits: uketsu and misssgomdori @ youtube


Haru Haru: Sungha Jung version

I absolutely love acoustic music… in my country it’s quite popular.. and i loved it since i was a kid because i grew up listening to my cousins playing this kind of music.

I usually watch some acoustic performances online in different websites.. and there’s this kid who really got me amazed.. a Korean kid by the name of Sungha Jung (Jung Sungha). This kid is really good!!

Then today while going over my yt subscriptions, I saw a video of him performing my favorite Big Bang song.. ok so two favorites of mine.. and i told myself, this has to be posted tonight! Actually I’m just sharing something about this kid. You will know what got me amazed when you watch him play.

The video says it’s embed codes have been disable so I’m not sure if you can watch the video I posted above. But nontheless, this is the link to that yt video.. watch him.. and i recommend you watch his old videos too…

to post one more tonight??? kk ~~~ i really miss blogging!


No Other Like Super Junior… ^^

I haven’t visited this blog for a month now.. but today I had the itch of visiting it.

Though I will still be on an indefinite hiatus (I can’t give as much updates as I can), there might be times like these when updates will keep coming!~~~ I wish I could write as much as I did before though… but soon.. maybe I will…

My favorite boys have finished their promotions for their Bonamana album… and though it’s once again too late to post this song.. I’m still posting it… because there is no one else like them… well for me that is…

No Other – Super Junior

Though they came back with the SJ funky style… the boys have released a track that is refreshing for the Korean summer heat (well it’s summer in their counrty right?). This has become one of my favorite Super Junior songs. And the video is so nice!!! kk I would love to have one of those proposals thank you! kk just thinking aloud… but.. WOULDN’T YOU??? I MEAN REALLY WOULDN”T YOU??? Ok I’m blabbering?

So which one is your favorite? For me, I chose 3… siwon (ahaha here goes my siwon bias… and i have yet to make his get to know you!), yesung (loved the balloons!), and kyuhyun (i’d die to have a wall like that!!) kk~~~

But anyway, this song is catchy and nice… i’m just a little sad that it won only a few awards.. but i think the dominant style of kpop is really the dance kind.. they like the upbeat kind of songs.. oh well.. its still suju.. so me likey the song…

Lyrics are available online 🙂 will not be posting it… sorry…