I myself shoulder two persons’ debts (一个人背两人的债) – OST The Lion Roars

I am fond of watching Chinese movies. And in my house we are lucky enough to have one channel that is solely for Chinese movies! And luckier because this channel has subtitles because I cannot understand Chinese!!!

One of my favorite Chinese movies (and my sister’s favorite too) is called “The Lion Roars 河东狮吼”. It’s a funny romantic comedy about two unlikely lovers, a weak poet and an extremely strong girl. The movie is a story of how their love was tested and how they overcame all the problems in the end. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve seen this movie… and everytime it is shown on TV we watch it again!

What I am posting now is a song from that movie. I am also including the lyrics.. I shared this to a friend of mine who studied Chinese and she said this song was very sad… When you hear the melody of this song it is sad.. and when you see the movie it becomes sadder. But though it’s sad I hope you will like it!

I myself shoulder two persons’ debts – Romanization

*Bie Xiang Ge Xiao Hai
Dai Zhe Yi Lian De Wu Nai
Zhao Bu Dao Yi Lai
Shi Dao Ru Jin Wo Yao Li Kai
Hao Hao Zhan Qi Lai
Bu Yao Zai Ze Guai
Wei Shen Me Cong Qian Bu Tan Bai
Rang Ni Shen Bian Ai Ni De Ren Shou Shang Hai
Ni Shi Wo Yi Sheng De Zui Huai
Ye Shi Wo Yi Sheng De Zui Ai
Bu Neng Zai Zhao Gu Ni De Wei Lai
Wo Ye Yao Zou De Ming Ming Bai Bai
Yi Ge Ren Bei Liang Ren De Zhai
Shou Duo Shao Ku Wo Ye Neng Ai
Wei Ni Tiao Jin Wang Qing Ku Hai
Si Qu Zai Huo Lai *(Repeat 2 times)

I myself shoulder two persons’ debts – Translation

**Don’t behave like a kid
Helpless written on your whole face
Looking for someone to rely but failed
Now, the time comes
I have to leave
You, stand up firmly

Don’t blame yourself
Why not be frank before
Why you hurt the one who was with you and loved you
You are the most spoiled in my life
You are the most beloved in my life
Even though I can not take care of your future any more
I still want to clarify everything before leaving

I myself shoulder two persons’ debts
I don’t mind how many bitters ahead
I would jump into the “forgetting love” sea just for you
Even though I will be tortured to death
** Repeat

Don’t be upset
How many loves can start over again?
This is the God’s arrangement
Now, time comes
How can we change it?

Don’t be too hopeful
Be frank to yourself
Be nicer to the loved one besides you
Don’t hurt the one who loves you again

I myself shoulder two persons’ debts – Chinese


If you like this song.. click here 😀

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Another Late Birthday Post

This was is another late birthday post.. and I hope another friend of mine will not kill me!! kk kidding!

Actually, my friend Marj’s birthday was last January, and since I wasn’t up to posting something at that time.. I wanted to post something now… It’s better late than never right! 😀

So I asked today what she wanted… I wasn’t pretty sure who is the Asian star she liked now.. because before she held a flame for Jerry Yan (kk 😀 yes F4 days!). But maybe now she liked someone.. and it was a good thing I asked because I would have placed pictures of Jerry. And she sent me a message saying that she wanted Kim Bum (F4 – Korean F4) especially when he visited the Philippines… but because I did a post on that before so I decided to look for some other random pictures. And here is my present!

Hi Marj! Meet Kim Bum….

Kim Bum is a little confused now with what gift to give you for her birthday…

Hmmm.. should a text message be enough?? (what are you texting Kim Bum??)

Or should he take you out and take a stroll in the rain sharing an umbrella with him…

Or should he play you something romantic on his saxophone…

But in the end he settled for flowers for a wonderful beautiful lady like you.. awww.. how sweet of him!!!

Happy Birthday Marj!!! (“,)

Happy Birthday Marj! hope you enjoyed my birthday post for you!!! Though your miles away from us we love you! I can’t wait for your next vacation! Saranghae!

And pahabol… winking Kim Bum! isn’t he just adorable???

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A Very Very Late Birthday Post

I know it’s almost been a month since her birthday… but I’m still making a birthday post for Joan! Happy Birthday Joan! And to help me greet you… I asked Fei Lun Hai to give you some cake!

Last year it was a mix of Vic Zhou and Wu Chun pictures. This year I asked her what she wanted me to post.. and she said Han Geng (Hankyung of Super Junior). It was because of Han Geng that all my Super Junior addiction started. Because Joan liked Han Geng she started watching Suju videos. And she shared some to me and the rest is history… So wish granted!

A Very Serious Han Geng…

A Very Handsome Han Geng! don’t you agree Joan?

Han Geng is writing something… for Joan maybe? – even when he is writing he looks good!

Han Geng has some presents Joan! He said he made this shake for you! ^^

And his other present is this stuffed animal for Joan! ^^

And his last message for Joan is… “生日快乐 李南, 我爱你!!!” (“,)

Happy Birthday Joan!! How you liked it.. sorry it came a bit late ^^ Thanks for everything and anytime you need me I’m here 😀

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Fahrenheit Will Touch Your Heart

My addiction for anything Asian started with watching Taiwanese dramas. Who would ever forget the F4 boys. I distinctly remember that summer when they becamse quite popular in my country and how girls went gaga over them when they came to my country for a tour.

Now aside from F4 another Taiwanese group that I like is Fei Lun Hai or Fahrenheit as we non-Mandarin speaking people know. And the reason that I liked them was when they visited my country because of a drama. I used to remember wanting talking about going to Manila to watch a concert if they come back as a group. But because recently my addiction to Asian has evolved to liking Korean and Japanese stuff, I did know know any news about them, except when I saw this video.

Fei Lun Hai members have become the ambassadors to promote tourism in Taiwan with the video, Taiwan Touch Your Heart. The video also stars Goo Hye Sun who stars in Boys Over Flowers (in case she is not familiar, she is Geum Jan Di in the drama — you know her right?). Watching this video makes me want to go to Taiwan! We’ll not because of Fei Lun Hai but because of the sites to see. My Taiwanese friends have also recommended some of these places! I want to go there and I want to visit them. But if I was visiting a star from there it would have to be Pan Wei Bu! kk

Let Fahrenheit Touch your heart! Let’s Go to Taiwan!!!

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