Merry Christmas!

Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas!

Sorry for not posting anything!!!

Here is a video for you this Christmas! 😀

*credits: TYPICALpocky7@youtube


Long Time No Post!

I miss posting things in my blog a lot! But unfortunately my work does not allow me to do so… it keeps me busy — VERY BUSY!!!!

But I found some time today to post 2 videos.. this will be quite a short post though…I miss my boys but I found 2 new videos of them so I want to post it. When I finally find some time.. I will keep this blog updated.. but for the moment I will be on hiatus… so sorry.. but THANKS to everyone who visit my blog!

Just a few reminders though… please have your comments done in ENGLISH! 😀 all comments not written in ENGLISH WILL NOT BE APPROVED and will be DELETED! — thanks!

S.E.O.U.L Song – Super Junior and SNSD

Siwon so cute! ahaha… but i like Kyu’s story here.. ahaha… wish someone would give me that heart too! oh and SNSD is also featured in this video…

Sorry Sorry Answer

Congratulations to SUJU for winning the Daesang Award in this year’s Golden Disk Awards… I just love this video!

Keep visiting and I will see you soon! 😀

credits: chyansie92 and Minniemink@youtube