Love Letter (MV) – F.T Triple

It’s finally out!

ft island

Thanks to Emma for the tip!

This was the FT Island video that was shot in Cebu… I couldn’t quite place the ruins.. but my best guess would be Fort San Pedro… but not sure… and the place where the busts are.. I’ve seen that before but I couldn’t remember where… but the jeepney ride tells me that they did shoot it here in the Philippines.. I’m pretty sure that ride was somewhere in Mactan or Mandaue — but I’m pretty sure they went to the reclamation area!.. because of the red and blue lamp post! (unsaon nlng!),… and and the Mactan bridge (first bridge)!

The song sounds really good too! ^^ will be posting the lyrics once i get hold of the lyrics!!

**credits emma +ย  FTilove@youtube +ย Michal@asianfanatics


Author: chipskjaa

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8 thoughts

      1. pagsabungan. ..choir man guro ka sa 8am nga mass.. nya before kay colletor man ko ana nga time pag HS.


        1. hala! uu kabalo lagi ka! ehehe… how old are you??? omg! its a small world after all ^^ naa gihapon ka pagsabungan ngpuyo? wala naman ko ngchoir nuon karon eheheh


          1. yup pagsabungan japon.. la na sad ko ngserve sa church since college… 20’s pa sad. hahaha..
            kbantay ko u kay tapad ra man ta linkoranan gud before .. dapit bya mi s choir lingkod sa una.. its a small world jud..


          2. hala i know who u are na! yup… kamo tig collect sauna! ahahaha.. ng-abot rajud sa! amazing!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


          3. hmmm… famliar sa akong face..
            girl.. kadto gane sa MV sa FT.. kdtong dghan statue.. sa danao to nga church..


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