Zhang Li Yin – Moving On

So why am I posting this video when I have to sleep!?!?! ^^

But I had to because Donghae looks so handsome in this video and I really miss Zhang Li Yin..

If you’re not familiar who she is, she is Jang Ri In in Korea and she was the girl whom Xiah Junsu sang Timeless with.. This is another of her sad songs.. this time it was no Hangeng and Siwon… but Donghae!

I am not going to be adding a lot of words to this post.. just watch the video! ^^

**credits sment@youtube


FT Triple (FT Island) teaser – Love Letter

Sorry for the lack of updates!

But I had to post this… This is a very busy week for me! Maybe a busy month! But I will post as much as I can!!!

And I need to post this!!!

I saw this video today… thanks to allkpop! ^^ and to emma for the heads up!

FT Triple releases a teaser for their single Love Letter.. And who is FT Triple?? They are composed composed of 3 members Choi Jong Hoon, Choi Min Hwan, and Lee Jae Jin, is a sub group made from F.T.Island. And this is the video that was shot in the Philippines!! I recognized it because of the telephone, cable and electric wires they did a shot on! ^^ Kiki.. I just can’t place where they did the stone thing… I am excited to this!! Enjoy! — No Hongki though…

**credits: allkpop.com, emma, FTilove