2PM performances @ Dream Concert ’09

I just finished watching the delayed telecast of the Dream Concert. It was fun… you should see it! and I think youtube will be a very good place to look for the videos.

Now in that broadcast, the performance of 2PM was not included. And it is in this concert that they had their first performance after Jaebum quit the team.. sigh… But though they were not in the concert.. there are videos of their performance on youtube.. so I am putting it up!

Again and Again

I Hate You

found another version of I hate you.. click here…

Though Jaebum was not present.. the six members gave their best.. but you can still hear Jaebum’s voice which is really good.. missing him ^^

**credits deNainXdeNain@youtube


Suju @ Dream Concert 2009

Posting like crazy again! ^^ ~~~ ^^

As promised these are the fan cams fo Super Junior from the Dream Concert yesterday. Kangin wasn’t at the concert so Donghae and Sungmin did his parts for Neorago and Kyuhyun sang his parts for Sorry Sorry. I’m also putting up the video of Super Junior, SNSD, f(x) and Shinee singing Let’s Go on a Trip. Yesung looks funny here.. hehe he sat down literally… maybe he’s tired.. 😀 aw.. poor him… Enjoy!

Oh and before I forget.. since most of us were not able to see the concert… there is a delayed telecast on SBS which will pre empt Inkigayo (Sunday, 4pm Korean time). The broadcast will be today.. In the broadcast however, there will be no 2PM and Big Bang 😦


Sorry Sorry Remix – love the part where Hankyung jumped!!!

Let’s Go On a Trip

**credits: Sujuthrusts, randomRinnie@youtube + http://thetonic.tistory.com + http://www.sosiz.net


Infinity Challenge New Parodies (Abracadabra and My Ear’s Candy)

Infiinity Challenge does it again!!! ^^ I was laughing so hard when I saw these videos that I nearly fell off my chair!!!

Infinity Challenge is a very popular show that does parodies. Since the first time I saw their Haru Haru parody I would always anticipate the next parody that they would make. It’s always very fun to watch these parodies. Another famous one that they did was that of Gee. This time the guys did a parody of the popular Korean music show Music Core… I’m sharing two “live performances”.. Abracadabra and My Ear’s candy!

My Ear’s Candy – almost fell from my chair laughing at this performance.. you better see to know why!

Abracadabra – I envy Junjin! my gosh he looks really pretty.. if you’ve seen the Gee parody he looks really pretty there too.. In this video he still dances very well!

**credits NormsOffical@youtube


Raining – FT Island

Just wanted to share…

New FT Island MV!!! Yay! it’s actually the video of their latest Japanese single… I like the song compared to their other Japanese songs.. this song really sounds like a Jpop song! ^^ And for those of you who are wondering if this was the MV that was shot in Cebu.. I’m not sure.. It’s very difficult to tell unless that building was constructed here (see the video to know what I am talking about). I can’t also tell by looking at the mountains because there are a lot of mountains everywhere in the world… but wherever they shot it I still like it ^^ . Enjoy!!

**credits FTilove@youtube


I Akilla You – Sungmin (Suju)

Sungmin is my second favorite Suju member (been writing that for the nth time already ^^ kiki). And he is recently in the cast of a musical called The Royal Musical!! If you want to read more about it.. you can click this link… Check out his look for that!

sungmin akilla

Anyway… what I’m posting here is the song — or his song from that play.. found it in youtube while searching for some new things.. There is no MV for the song but check this out if you want to hear it.

To download this song you can go to this link…

** credits as tagged, allkpop and MrJenpoo@youtube


Super Junior M at 1th China Korea Song Festival

I probably can write on this blog during the weekends… but on weekdays its a hassle for me. Sigh ^^ In really want to post a lot of stuff but my schedule is making it impossible! But I still need to because this is my way of releasing stress (because I get to see some gorgeous stuff! ^^)

Enough of me complaining..

Anyway this is the video of the performance of Super Junior M during the 11th China Korea Festival last Friday, Oct 09, 2010.  I know most ELF fans have been missing the boys for quite some time since the promotion of their third album has long been over. Most of the members too are busy with their schedules. But not to worry because we can see some of them.. as promotions of Super Girl (from their sub group Super Junior M) are still on the go! kiki ^^

So I decided to put up the video here… and later I will be posting some fan cams of Suju from the Dream Concert ^^

Enjoy!! – I swear Henry is getting cuter! 😀

**credits Sujuthrusts@youtube