FT Island came to Cebu!

So I was just sitting reading some news on the internet about Kpop and Jpop stuff when I saw on allkpop that FT Island came to Cebu… and they came here when the big typhoon wrecked the country (Philippines).

ft island

From the news it was said that they came here last Saturday, September 25 in Cebu to shoot their new MV. My reaction when I read this news was like… woah… they came here! I am from Cebu so imagine my shock when I learned about this news. However during the time they came here, a typhoon hit the northern part of our country. But I think the boys were ok because if I remember correctly, there was no flood or anything in Cebu, just some rain and wind. To see the original article, click this link.

I can’t wait to see their video! ahaha.. I’m excited not only because I really like FT Island — but because they shot their video in Cebu! wahihihi… for those who are not familiar with them, they are a rock band. I like them because of their songs (check out Love Sick, Heaven and Bad Woman), and because of Lee Hongki! ^^ Anyway here is a video of their recent single called I Hope.

On a sad note though.. It is very unfortunate for our country… because nothing like this (the great flood in Manila) happened in 40 years. The area that has been hit by the typhoon is in the Luzon (Manila) area. I live in Cebu so it’s not really that bad here… though the wind last Saturday was really strong, but there wsa less rain. But it’s a pity for the people in Manila because the strong rains caused the place to flood. Some of my friends live there and they said it was the worst typhoon ever… There have been some casualties due to the flood… And so on I thank of all those who continue to help my country.. please continue to pray for us ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks!

** credits allkpop,ย  randomRinnie@youtube and as tagged


Author: chipskjaa

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12 thoughts

  1. yah.. sayang lang alay location… if they have just dsclosed the location adto ta ko.. hehhe.. asa inyo dapit cebu?


    1. ^^ it’s ok dear… ok ra kay taga cebu man sad ka.. para dili sila kasabot.. ehehe
      bitaw… yup taga cebu ko.. sa mandaue ๐Ÿ˜€ ikaw?
      i was really shocked to know they were here… sayang… let’s just wait for the vid so we will know where sila niadto kikiki ^^


      1. noh.. mandaue ka? mandaue sad ko… amazing.. its the raining mv that what shoot in cebu… was wondering where? its an abandoned building (sort of).. hope its not.. maybe lies MV is the one shoot here..


        1. perte! taga mandaue mulang! ๐Ÿ˜€ ehehe where sa mandaue?
          thanks for the heads up for the MV.. i think this is it.. i recognize the wires and cables! ^^
          i think only in the philippines na! ๐Ÿ˜€
          emma… what’s your email?


          1. float_amme@yahoo.com/

            MV is out..

            ang kdtong stone backgrounds seems fort san pedro sa pier..

            bsta ang 1st bridge
            northe reclamation wer ngride and girl sa jeep
            fort san pedro (not sure.. )
            then ang church kay mura sa ALU church beside fort sanpedro.. (not sure sad)


  2. hmm.. im sorry.. just read that theres an EOP (english only policy)..
    im from cebu as well.. new fan of FT island.. if not because of Ondoy, no news that Ft island is here.. if i just knew it should have tried to see them and visit the location.. hehe.. your from wer? you love kpop as well?


  3. ahak ba oist! karon paman ko nakabalita ani.. nianhi jud diay ni sila sa cebu..weeeee.. f.t. island saranghae


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