Missing DBSK

So actually I’m just in the mood to make one more post before I go to sleep.. ehehe.. So because I am mising DBSK and because I saw this on my subsciption to one of the channels in youtube, I’m putting this video up!

Right now the boys.. well three of them are busy battling over with their company and I can’t help but miss them.. and though what I’m posting now is something they performed maybe a month (or two) ago it’s still something for fans who miss them…

So if you’re a fan.. you know what concert this is from.. ^^ kiki..

and this one is one of my favorite live performances of Doushite..

** credits to Poplez.net Haruka+dnbn, sharingyoochun, frnds4eva and


Introducing Sweet Sorrow

Ok so most people nowadays are uber crazy with the idols. I can’t blame them (^^ because I’m one of them). But this post is not about idols.

I was browsing over Kbites earlier today, when I saw a post about Sweet Sorrow. They did their own version of Heartbreaker on Sketchbook. And as usual I am very impressed by them. And because of that video, I decided to introduce them on my blog for those who are not familiar with them.

sweet sorrow

This group is a Korean group composed of 4 guys, In Hojin, Song Woojin, Kim Youngwoo and Sung Jinhwan. They are not as popular as the idols that most Kpop addicts know, but they are one of my favorites. Actually I was not familiar with them before, but when I saw them on the Song Battle Show where Super Junior was a guest, I liked them the moment they performed. I think they are one of the best groups in Korea who could perform acapella! If you want to know more about them you could check out their forum thread on soompi (but you need to log in to soompi first). For the profile of the members, click on this link.

So to give you a sample of how good they are.. and to know why I like them very much, here are some videos.

Singing Heartbreaker on Sketchbook (this is the recent one)

Singing Sorry Sorry on Sukira and Song Battle

Singing Super Mario – the best for me! I haven’t seen a group do this acapella style, well korean group that is… though Ryeowook of Super Junior did the piano version.

Singing I love and Marry U

Singing with Lena Park on Lalala

And this is the video of their song I Love You (Saranghae), my favorite of all their songs maybe because of the beat. And if you like this song click here.

I hope to see more of them and I hope you like them as much as I do. 😀

**credits ckcjms, odduk2, GSMVD, kuwaiako and elavip2@youtube;  5613love and artful_DODGER@soompi