Clazziquai teaser – Tell Yourself

OMG! I can’t believe I missed this! I think I have too many subscriptions in youtube that I don’t get to see most videos!


Clazziquai, my all time favorite electronica pop group from Korea, is releasing a new video! Well actually they haven’t released the video yet, just the teaser… but I’m loving it nonetheless! And its a plus for me because the second single that they will be promoting is my favorite track in their new album!!!

The new video that they are going to release will be the video of Tell Yourself. The beat of this song is really nice to listen to… it’s so refreshing! Alex looks really cute here.. and Horan looks very pretty.. I just love their voices!

Here is the teaser…

Can’t wait for the video!

**credits: urasiansourceKpop@youtube