Super Show II in Hong Kong

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I am supposed to sleep early because I have to wake up early tomorrow but I am not sleepy.. So I am posting this..


These are fan cams from the Super Show II… I will just be providing the link for most of them… except for this 2 videos which I think are pretty clear! — No Kibum still in the concert. And if you’re wondering why there are only 10 suju’s in the picture, its because Leeteuk and Kangin went there on a later trip.

Sorry Sorry

This girl has probably one of the best seats during that concert! ahaha It was very close to the stage. I envy her! And her camera is quite good because it pretty clear! ahaha I envy her again! Look at Siwons body! waaa.. absolutely died when he opened his jacket! kikiki ^^


The video’s of their Gee performance are better quality than performances they had before. Lol at Wookie and his dance! Couldn’t get enough of Heenim’s pabo! ahaha and Siwon again!!! love love him! 😀

Here are the links to the other videos:

Super Junior M – Super Girl
Don’t DOn
Puff the Magic Dragon – Kyuhyun solo with Shindong and Heechul
Marry U
Fighting With Monster (had to include this.. very funny)

**credits happykeating, primalkk, cc1164 and pri3an@youtube


Kpop invasion in the Philippines this November!

When I read this article from Kbites all I said was OMG!!!!

Ok so I was talking to Meg, one of my friends who just like me is addicted to Kpop. She sent me a link to a blog that was posted about a possible Korean invasion in the Philippines this November. And like what I said, my reaction was OMG!


For Filipino Kpop fans who haven’t read about it or heard about the news, there is a possibility that a Kpop artist is going to come to the country to be a guest in the cultural festival the Korean embassy is going to hold to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Philippines-Republic of Korea Diplomatic Relations.

Here are some parts of the article:

“PEP had a chance to talk to Kiejoo Kim, Counselor for the Korean Embassy in the Philippines, last Thursday, Sept. 17, at Shangri-La Plaza Cinema 3 during the press screening for the upcoming Korean Film Festival in Shangri-La Plaza Cinema 3.Kim said his Embassy is planning to bring Korean performers to the country.

“We are looking forward to a lot of events in November,” he said. “There will be a cultural event, and we are going to invite cultural performers from Korea so that we can share our cultural legacy.”

PEP asked Kim if the Korean Embassy is planning to include among the cultural performers the Korean pop (K-pop) stars currently making waves in the Philippine music scene today.

“I’m not in a position to guarantee who we can bring to the RP,” Kim answered. “We will try our very utmost to bring our well-renowned Korean stars so that we can really enjoy together with the Filipino people.”

But Kim quickly added that the plan can push through easily if Pinoys loudly voice out their demand, using surveys, blogs, signature drives, and other platforms.

“I think if there is a certain, a great number of audience, I think that should be a very convincing rationale that we really have to bring them here,” Kim affirmed.”

To read the rest of the article, please click here

My take on this is — I’m really glad and really excited!!! I wish they would come here.. and if the do I will surely fly to the capital! kikiki ^^ OMG I can’t wait for this to happen! I wish they would bring Super Junior or DBSK!!!!

I think the Kpop fans still need to give a little more support to Kpop music, which is slowly becoming the trend nowadays thanks to Sandara and 2ne1. If this would happen in November, I’m sure it wouldn’t be long for another Kpop artist to visit the country… and from that point in the future, we may be included in their world concert tours! I can’t wait for that to happen! So Kpop fans time to give our support to them… I can’t wait to see more Kpop cd’s in the record stores!

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**credits: Meg, kbites@wordpress