Arashi songs played by and Orchestra

I was just doing some random visits to my favorite asianstuff websites when I came across a news about Arashi’s songs being palyed by an orchestra. I got all excited when I saw the news! – because Arashi is my all time favorite Japanese group!


The songs have been played and made into a medley by  Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra (TKWO, 東京佼成ウインドオーケストラ) . The orchestra is, from what I read quite popular not only in Japan but in the world and they have been etablished sometime in 1960.

There is no real video yet, but the one I’m posting here is the mp3 of the medley. It sounds really really nice! I don’t know about you guys but I think I really like Arashi songs and I think having their songs played by a very good orchestra means that their songs are quite popular.

The medley consists of the following songs (my favorites are inlcuded! yay! ^^):

We Can Make It
Beautiful Days
One Love
A Day in Our Life
Kitto Daijoubu
Kaze no Mukou E
Sakura Sake
Love so Sweet

Arashi has been in the industry for 10 years! quite an achievement don’t you think! I miss them! ^^ kiki

**sources: meoinkie2@asianfanatics,  cookiesmon@livejournal, wew4310@youtube

Author: chipskjaa

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One thought

  1. I love this medley!!! It’s to awesome for words.

    Is there anyway that you could give me the link to a download of this? I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

    Please and thank you.


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