Super Junior Super Show II Fancams

Like I promised! 😀 ehehehe.. but sorry this post will be a bit long!

Thank god for the pretty boy power blog (spazzes@wordpress)!!!

I found some fancams from the site… so I decided to embed some those that I liked! kikikiki (though some of them are  audio versions only :D). There were a lot more videos posted in spazzes, so you can click on this link to see the other videos :D.


Very very cute! From what I read in the Suju thread in soompi, everyone performed except for Yesung, Shindong and Kangin… ooh so cute! Babo! ahahaha if anyone sees a better version please tell me! kikikiki

Twins (Full Version)

I know this is their first single.. but I’m not much of a fan of this song.. ehehe I prefer Miracle over this… but watching this video, and seeing the boys new looks make me remember their debut video!

Ryeowook  Solo – Insomnia (Audio only)

He sang the English version! wohoo! Craig David version! It was nice hearing Wookie’s version… I just wish it wasn’t just the audio… there was a part when the audience was screaming loudly.. I’m a bit curious what happened.. kikikiki

Kyuhyun Singing  with Suju Drama

In some versions of the video, it’s labelled as Carnival… but I’m not sure.. coz when I hear the song it reminds me of a very old song.. Puff the Magic Dragon… but I’m not sure because I can’t hear Kyu’s voice over the fan’s crazy screams!

Sorry Sorry

White! that’s the color of the suits they were wearing.. and as usual they look so handsome.. so white so cute! ahh… I wish I was there!

Siwon Solo – Who Am I? (Audio only)

It’s just the audio version… but I had to include this post! 😀 Siwon! ohh… this song is a Christian Song… I loved the way he sang it and I love the fact that he chose this song to sing! 😀 Siwon-shi… 😀

Leeteuk Solo – Honey

Move over JYP! ahahaha kidding! Teukie! I’m at a lost for words.. couldn’t describe this video! But Teukie is soo amazing! pictures will be next! kikikiki

** credits spazzes@wordpress + kimtt HCCN + +  HyukGem, melliegrace16, sichee13 and EuNteUkseasoon1@youtube + as tagged


Super Show 2 – Sorry Sorry version (recorded audio)

Waaaa.. I found this on one of the youtube channels that I subscribe to! I’m going crazy!!

Though this is just the audio version of the song.. but it’s pretty clear! ahahaha..  According to the one who posted the video, this is one of the clearest versions of the song.. This was of course  recorded during the first day of the concert! 😀

There are 2 versions of Sorry Sorry during the concert.. one R and B version and another Remix version! 😀

R&B Version

Remix Version

Hearing the versions… I wanted to disapparate and apparate in the concert! Wae??? Doushite??? But one Korean friend told me it’s better to see the video (DVD) than the real concert because sometimes girls go gaga when they watch the concert. But I think the feeling of being in the concert and seeing them would be different ^-^ kikikiki.

I’m still searching for fancams from the concert so fancams to follow in another post!

**credits Sup3rJunior@youtube + kiza


Sorry Sorry – Japanese Version

😀 making a short post…

I think I don’t need to describe this post.. the title says it all… just listen to it… but I still think  the Korean version is better… kikikiki…

**credits  yukky3@youtube


Eunhyuk, Shindong and Kangin with 3 Chongsa

Mianheyo… I haven’t posted anything for the past few days.. and last weekend, there was not much to post.

Since it’s the start of Super Show II this weekend, I will be posting lots of Super Junior stuff.. kikikiki..

I was supposed to post this after the I saw last weekend’s edition of Music Core but I forgot about it! ahahaha… And because I saw a reheasrsal of the performance, I decided to post it, even if it’s a little late to post it! The performance I’m blabbering about is the appearance of Kangin, Eunhyuk and Shindong in the performance of 3 Chongsa (or Chongsam.. – anyway in english it’s 3 Musketeers) of their song Let’s Go (Kaja!). I was so excited when I saw this performance because I never got enough of the boys performance on the music shows! ahahaha

Let’s Go Rehearsal

Let’s Go Performance

Hyukie so cute! ahaha I wish all of them were there! But I know most of them are busy for the Super Show… and this is better than no Super Junior performance at all!!! 😀

**credits  Sup3rJunior and CodeMonmonSeason2@youtube