I Don’t Care – 2NE1 (MV)

I’m getting addicted to this song!

Like I posted last week, the girls are back with a new single called I Don’t Care. And since I can only use my computer on a weekend (because my job is keeping me really busy! grrr), I just had the time now to post the MV of this song (with the subs).

This is the MV of the song I Don’t Care. I like the concept of the MV. Dara showed that she can really act in the MV — though it was only a short clip, but she still looked very convincing. I’m not posting the lyrics anymore since I posted it, but you can go to this page to view it.

The girls also made their comeback yesterday on Music Bank. They sang two songs from their mini album – Pretty Boy and of course I Don;t Care.

I loved the chair dance that they did! I still am loving their concept for the video. CL also looked different in the performance because of her hair and I’m loving it. I think she looks good with this hair. I’m really getting addicted to this song!

**credits  SE3ST0R F4NSUB5 + YGladies and View3045@youtube