Fire – 3NE1???

I was catching up on the videos in youtube that I missed when I found this video from CodeMonmonSeason2.

Apparently from  Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook which was aired last July 3, there was a remake of the popular Fire song by 2NE1. And guess who made the remake.. they call themselves 3NE1 (or more like 31 from what you hear in ther video — eh eh eh eh eh 31.. ahahaha) — and they are composed of Lee Soo-Young, Jang Na-Ra, Park Kyung-Lim.

I really like Jang Nara and I miss seeing her in the dramas. I was glad to see this video because of her and because this video gave me a good laugh! I love their hair! ahahaha This video is more or less a parody of some sort of Fire.. but they carried it. They even made their best efforts to perform the dance! And I could conclude that 2NE1 really did a good job with their performance of Fire!

**credits  CodeMonmonSeason2@youtube


Author: chipskjaa

Certified Unnie / Jiejie who is crazy about anything and everything Asian! Currently fangirling over Chinese novels and Chinese dramas - but never forgets to watch Kdramas and Lakorns on the side. When she has time, she indulges in her favorite Bangtan Boys for motivation (",)

4 thoughts

  1. yoboseo.! jOrieLle gRacE imniDa.. im 15 yrs oLd.. i livE in tHe phiLiPpinEs.. i like your blog.! im one of kim hyun joong’s huge fan…
    goSh he is so cuTe.! caN i bE your fRienD.? i reaLly wanT to be your fRiend..
    yoU kNow wHat..i haTe my friEnds wHen they inSuLt kim hyun joong.. uRgh…
    tHey kePt teLling me thaT he isNt cuTe.. buT i 101% doNt beLievE tHem..
    my heaRt meLts wHen kim hyun joong smiLes… waHaha.. doEs your heaRt tOo.?
    hEhe..weLl theRe is a ruMor aBouT kim hyun.. the ruMor saYs tHat kim hyun joong is a gay..uRgh..buT i toTally do noT beLieve that rumor.. how caN a guy liKe him be a gay.?! wHo eVer sTarts that ruMor is a fReaK.! uRgh.. hEhe pLs let me be your fRiend…do you have a fRiendsTer.? pLs lEave me a coMmenT at my frieNdster.. is my fRiendSter aCcounT… iT wiLl be an hoNor for me to be your fRienD.. pLs.. iLl look foward for your comMent..

    kamsamnida.! goD bLesS.!


    1. hey jorielle! 😀 thanks! i don’t think he’s gay…
      well that’s based on what i saw when he was one stars in we got married (reality show)..
      sure i’ll add you! 😀


  2. REALLY FUNNY SURE 3ne1!!!!

    Pls. Continue Voting(Sandara Park) 2NE1-FIRE & I Don’t Care on MYX PHIL.

    2NE1’s Online Ranking Chart, #1 for I Don’t Care all the way.
    Thu at 12:44pm

    #1 – I don’t care
    #6 – Pretty boy
    #8 – In the club
    #14 – Stay Together
    #15 – Let’s Go Party
    #63 – Fire


    #1 – I don’t care
    #16 – Pretty boy
    #18 – In the club
    #23 – Fire


    #1 – I don’t care
    #12 – Fire
    #42 – Pretty boy
    #45 – In the club
    #50 – Let’s Go Party
    #52 – Stay Together
    #72 – Lollipop (Bonus Track)
    #90 – Fire


    #1 – I don’t care
    #16 – Fire
    #24 – Pretty boy
    #27 – In the club
    #32 – Let’s Go Party
    #35 – Stay Together


    #1 – I don’t care
    #10 – Fire
    #46 – Lollipop
    #75 – In the club
    #78 – Pretty boy
    #86 – Let’s Go Party
    #88 – Stay Together
    #132 – Lollipop (Bonus Track)
    #136 – Fire


    #1 – I don’t care
    #8 – Fire


    #1 – I don’t care
    #16 – Fire
    #59 – Lollipop


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