Sorry Sorry Cover by CPDRC Dancing Inmates

I was really waiting for this video! wahaha… and they did not post this until yesterday!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the CPDRC Dancing Inmates from the Philippines. If not.. they are prisoners whose rehabilatation for the bad deeds they did is through dancing. They have become an internet hit when they first performed Thriller. About 3 months ago they performed Nobody by the Wonder Girls – they even had their own version of the girls. They also performed a version a remix version of Lies (Big Bang) a Tell Me (Wonder Girls).

A friend of mine sent me a message last week the next performance of the inmates will be Sorry Sorry. I went all gaga when I knew about this. And without any second thoughts I made a reservation for the performance! Weee! Along with four other friends we watched the performance.

The performance of Sorry Sorry was the last one so we really had to wait. I watch most of their performances on youtube — especially the kpop songs they did covers of. But it was really fun watching the real thing! Their version of the Wonder Girls was so hilarious! They even had their own names! But though all of them were guys (or maybe some of them were guys with hearts of girls…) they dances very well! ๐Ÿ˜€ Their version of Sorry Sorry was fun to watch! Very fun in deed… When the music started blaring I just can’t help but sing along with it. If I wasn’t sitting down I would probably be dancing! Sorry Sorry is really getting very popular!! Waaah I miss this song!

When you come to the Philippines and you can chance upon a performance of these Inmates, make sure you watch them! It’s sade to watch them and you even had the chance to dance with them. It was sad for us though because we were sitting somewhere far away from the door going to the grounds. But some foreigners did go down and danced with them and I envy! Well maybe I’ll do it next time! But I still had fun! Lots of fun!!!

**credits byronfgarcia@youtube


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