Happy Birthday Sittie!

This is a very late post! And I’m super sorry I wasn’t able to post this earlier! 😀

But anyway… I want to greet a friend of mine belated Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday to you!!

I asked her whow photos she wanted me to post for her birthday.. and she said she wanted to see pictures of the f4 (korean f4) boys.. so I’m granting her wish 😀

If you enjoy the pictures… please copy them and do not hot link! thanks.. 😀

**credits francesca and -xtlover-@asianfanatics and as tagged in the pictures

3 comments on “Happy Birthday Sittie!

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  2. aheks !! … tnxue so much as in todo todo !! .. i love it !! hahaha !!! ….

    mwah !! … wag kang magbabago aa.. yun yung wish ko hehehe !! … jan ka lang kahit malau ka atleast feel kong may friend ako hahaha … tnx tlg !! ..


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